If you like Euro nymphing, whether in a competitive capacity or not, you’ll need a presentation that a traditional fly line can’t accommodate. Therefore, you’re going to need a Euro nymph line, which features extra-thin diameters and level taper designs. It is compliant with all International Fly Fishing rules for competitions.

We know that this may be a niche group of people, but we wanted to talk about a particular product. If you’re a Euro nymph fisher, this product by Airflo Fly Lines is ideal.

Airflo Fly Lines Euro Nymph Line

Airflo Fishing came to be because Paul Burgess wasn’t happy with the current PVC fly line technology. He was an avid fly-fisher and engineer, so he sought to change how fly lines are manufactured. Moving from the tower system, he started using computer-controlled methods that were easier to control and more accurate.

That was back in the late 1980s, and now, his brand is one of the leading manufacturers of fly-lines without solvents. His company also developed many innovations that no other company could produce during that time. Though he didn’t invent the fly line, his ideas have come to shape the community.

You’ll find that this is a UK brand and is primarily sold online through third-party websites. The company focuses solely on fly lines for various species and styles.

Who Is This Product For?

Primarily, this fly line is designed specifically for Euro nymph fishing. You’re not going to want to use it for other types of fly fishing. On top of that, it is legal for the competitive world.

However, you don’t have to be a professional fisher or be in a competition to use it. It is also ideal for when you are practicing between matches. You can also utilize it when you’re not in a game but still want to do Euro nymph fishing.

What’s Included?

When you order the fly line, you will get one spool of the product. It is 82.5 feet long, and it comes wrapped on the spool for you. Initially, it is twist-tied together so that it doesn’t unravel during travel.

Overview of Features

Most fishers find it a challenge to get the right balance between something legal and suitable for the task. Though you can use this product for competition sports, you can also use it for a relaxing day on the water. Just note that this fly line is considered legal to use for FIPS Mouche competitions.

  • Design and Construction

It is considered a super-thin and specialty nymph line. You’ll find that it was built with a non-stretching core. This makes it feel perfect for your specific needs.

Of course, the fly line is only 0.60mm in diameter, which is smaller than traditional fly lines. Thus, you can immediately tell that it is used for a particular type of fly fishing.

This product features a Super-Dri coating, which is designed exclusively by Airflo. As such, it will float higher than other products. That also means it can be more durable when compared to mono-filament and PVC-based French leaders and nymph lines.

  • Colors and Stealth

One thing that sets this fly line apart from the rest is the unique coloring. You’ll see that side is olive, which is stealthier. The other features a flo-orange tip. You can pick which color you need based on light conditions and how stealthy you need to be.

Of course, you’ll also find ultra-neat loops that are micro-welding into the line. This makes it easier to attach the tippet. Set-up speed is essential where stealth is concerned.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Once you’ve got the right equipment, the Euro fly rod and the appropriate fly line, it is time to get started. You’ll need some leaders. While many professionals tie their own, you just need a long one with a sighter.

It’s also important to think about the tippet. You should start using a three-foot piece with four to six attachments for the tippet ring. Use a clinch knot here.

Then, you’ll want to tie another two-foot section with the same tippet diameter of the last section. Tie both pieces together with a triple surgeon’s knot, leaving the bottom end long, with about 2.5 inches. Next, attach the fly to that end (dropper fly) and use another fly for the bottom of the tippet to be the point fly.


The fly is also important, of course. You’ll tie it with additional weight and tungsten beads to get the right depth. Plus, you’re not going to use the split shot here.

Your goal for tying the line is to ensure that it doesn’t get hung up on grass and other obstacles. Plus, it shouldn’t sag in the water and should float higher.

In a sense, you can use a jig or another style of hook. If you’re fishing a particular species or in a competition, you may be more limited as to what you use.

However, the tying method is similar to Euro nymphing. You’ll just do it all with a smaller-diameter fly line.


While we think that you’ll like the Airflo brand for your Euro nymph fishing needs, we did want to give you an alternative. That way, you can compare the two and make sure that you choose the right product based on your needs.

If you plan to use the Euro nymph style, you need to ensure that you have a“tactical” or Euro nymph fly line. Make sure the packaging or description states this.

RIO is another brand that features the Euro nymph line. It is designed to fit all sizes between #2 and #5. You’ll find that it is also ultra-thin and quite light to be more sensitive.

This product also has a visible tip to help you detect the subtlest movement on the water. It also features a low-stretch core and is approved for FIPS Mouche as competition legal.


When it comes to choosing the right fly line, you need to make sure it’s ideal for the style and method. Euro Nymph fishing, especially for competitions, requires specialty line.

This Airflo Fly Line product review explained what Euro nymphing is and the type of fly line you need. It also explains more about this particular product and manufacturer. We think it is an excellent choice for those who like the sport.