An echo fly rod is a perfect addition to your fishing arsenal. It allows you to achieve relatively high accuracy with its smooth action and power and hits the ball right out of the water in almost every other aspect.

Newbie fishers and anglers can’t really ask for more than industry legend and all-around angler Tim Rajeff’s creations to begin their fishing journey. In the same way, intermediate and advanced casters will find part of his collection on par for the course of great quality fishing.

The best Echo fly rods offer something extra in almost every department. If you love fishing and can’t get enough of it, these rods make an excellent partner. They’re great for helping perfect your casting style, building confidence, and showing you that you can actually become a great fisher and develop your skills with the right equipment.

We can’t argue that even the best fishing rods have their own candidates for top honors. Here’s a list of five standouts that we’ve managed to compile, complete with a buyer’s guide and answers to your most frequent queries.

Best Echo Fly Rods: Brief Reviews

1. Echo TR (Tim Rajeff) Spey Fly Rod

Is it a wonder that a rod named after renowned manufacturer Tim Rajeff would be at the top of our list? Avid fishing enthusiasts who know of this remarkable individual’s work would immediately notice his unique design and craftsmanship embodied particularly in this product. 

The Echo TR Spey Fly Rod has a beefier bottom section. Whether your fishing repertoire includes casting styles like the touch-and-go or Skagit or uses floating lines or big sink tips, this cutting-edge rod is guaranteed to dial you in every single time.

Product Highlights

Fly casting is one of the essential parts of fishing. It’s an action you need to master from the get-go to actually enjoy what you’re doing.

Over time, you can identify and get the hang of a style that works for you. This remarkable rod is especially ideal for fly fishers and anglers who are in the middle phase of their journey.

Coveted by professional and amateur fishers alike, this rod boasts features that can truly enhance your overall fishing experience. It comes with a four-piece travel design, a black anodized reel seat, and a fabric-covered rod case that is simple yet highly presentable. 

Beyond its stylistic qualities is a slew of equally impressive attributes that aid in enhancing actual fishing prowess. That includes three varying grip styles with pressure points and composite inserts, medium-fast action for a highly accurate casting style, and a bulkier bottom part that helps deliver quick, bottom-hand power uses.

The Good

There’s always plenty to admire in any of Tim Rajeff’s creations, and this one is no different. You automatically get a feel of the unique philosophy behind the rod the moment you use it. It not only addresses the needs of serious fishers but also of those who are simply in it for fun.

While we wouldn’t exactly say the rod is made with any particular fisher in mind, it is apparent that intermediate and advanced casters are likely to benefit from it the most. Everything about it screams easy and effortless. You can make it easier for yourself to develop the right fly casting technique by taking full advantage of this rod.

Nevertheless, newbies and professionals alike are going to find this rod incredibly useful and convenient, too. It gives you that extra butt power for throwing tighter loops at long distances.

The Bad

One of the very few downsides to the rod is that it’s perhaps too big for the traditional Trout Spey applications. Also, while it usually suits a majority of casting styles, you may find that yours could be an exception.

Buying equipment for fishing or any other venture can be a hit or miss, and this certainly offers no deviation from that. As good as this rod gets as far as Spey casting is concerned, there is still a possibility that it may not be the best for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick assembly
  • Made of premium grade materials
  • Additional butt power


  • May not fit your casting style
  • Not the best for traditional Trout Spey applications
  • Too beefy


2. Echo Dry Fly Rod

This is another one of Tim Rajeff’s standout creations, and this time, it’s for dry fly fishing. You can literally catch a fish in no time with this expertly designed rod for delicate and accurate casting at “real distances”. If you fancy becoming a master dry fly fisher, then this rod just might get you there.

Product Highlights

This is everything you could ever need in a rod for dry fly fishing. It comes in four pieces of a green medium-fast action blank.

It also has low-friction, stainless steel ceramic guides, a fiber reel seat made of carbon fiber, and a plastic tube with cloth exterior pairing. It helps you lay down that perfect, drag-free drift with relative ease. 

The Dry offers you an excellent feel for dry fly fishing and suits several casting styles for topwater situations. It gives you great control for up to 50 feet and allows for more nuanced presentations compared to stiffer, fast action rods.

If you’re interested in adding yet another fishing skill to your repertoire, don’t hesitate to opt for Tim Rajeff’s signature dry fly offering. You’re not going to be disappointed.

The Good

You stand to gain many benefits from using this rod. This contraption’s medium-fast action blank and relatively soft tip highlight how ideal it is for dry fly fishing. Expect it to rank among the best Echo fly rods in the market today.

While it’s an excellent choice for shallow wade fishing, where it really stands out is when you’re fishing from a drift boat and have a considerable amount of room to cast. We rate its flex and feel feature a solid nine out of ten, which, when combined with the rod’s soft tip allows you to make the daintiest of landings. The rod’s high-mid flex is ideal for adding extra slack into your drifts and making fast mends.

The Bad

It’s really not a secret that the bad is something we’ve come to expect in even the best products. There’s simply no way around it.

With this one, you’ll find a few things that won’t suit your fancy. This rod isn’t suited to any other fishing venture other than dry fly fishing. It’s a specialist with crystal clear limitations you can’t navigate around.

If you’re planning to fish in vast rivers, expect the Dry to be too delicate to hold up when the wind picks up pace.


  • Lightweight
  • A dry fly fishing specialist
  • Great flex, feel, and control


  • Obvious limitations
  • Too delicate
  • Only comes in a 9’ configuration


3. Echo Traverse Fly Rod Kit

There’s simply no way this product wasn’t going to make it to our list. This is a literal dream coming to life for serious fly fishers out there and something to earnestly consider adding to your fishing gear collection.

Product Highlights

The Echo Traverse Fly Rod Kit holds the ideal features for fly fishing, including the perfect combination of the smooth casting, medium-fast action fly rod, and the Echo Ion Fly Fishing Reel. To top it off, it makes use of the Airflo Fly Lines to take your entire fly fishing experience to a whole new level.

The product comes in a four-piece travel design with lightweight ceramic stripping guides and standard cork grip. The kit includes a solid fabric-enclosed rod tube with a padded reel pouch. If you love fly fishing for bass, panfish, and trout, the three different fly line weights which these kits come with have got you covered.

This kit is essential in any fly fishing arsenal as it not only allows you to fish to your heart’s content, but it also ensures you make great progress with your chosen fishing venture.

The Good 

Upon first glance, any avid fly fisher can see how this kit benefits their particular method of fishing. It allows one to catch a variety of fish with relatively little effort and only minor adjustments to their casting style.

The high-quality and durable materials making up the rods allow a level of effortlessness uncommon in other products in the same price range. You’ll have a variety of rod sizes to choose from, and each size is meant to complement your style of fishing and the kind of fish you’re usually looking to catch.

The Bad

While it’s apparent that this rod gives you incredible strength for fly fishing, it usually comes at the expense of overall performance. Likewise, while it won’t necessarily cause you to perform badly, as someone who wants to enjoy and bring their best out in the water, you should only ever opt for this model if it suits your specific purpose. 

This rod, more than any other, needs to be paired with a superior quality line at all times and isn’t really ideal for beginners who are still trying to find their way around fly fishing.


  • Great for fly fishing against the wind
  • Offers more control
  • Lightweight and accurate


  • Not necessarily the best for beginners
  • Performance depends on the quality of the line used


4. Echo Fly Rods Boost Fly Rodbest echo fly rods

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There’s no surprise that the Boost made it to our list. This rod is the premier Echo Fly Fishing offering and the ultimate balance of power and precision. 

Product Highlights

If you’re looking to become the best angler you can be, this is a great rod to have in your collection. Not only will it equip you with the power and accuracy necessary to capture big fish, but it will boost your game and help preserve your strength while doing so. Not many products come close to offering you the slew of impressive features that this model does. 

Fly fishing is special on so many levels, which is why you need a special rod to engage in this venture. Just think about the four-piece travel design, the lightweight and high modulus materials, standard wood insert reel seat, corrosion-resistant titanium guides, and hard fabric-enclosed square rod case and sock that all come in this package and you’ll definitely consider placing your order today.

To top it all off, its fast and crisp action suits the variety of casting styles of more experienced fly fishers. 

Serious anglers always need to elevate their game, and this particular rod will help them do just that. This rod is specially structured around the needs of big-time fly fishers, helping them overcome the challenges that come with fly fishing for large prey in vast waters and amidst strong winds.

The Good

If you’re a great fly fisher in your own right, then this rod could be all that you need to improve and take your game to the next level. You’re already good at your passion and only need a few tweaks in your technique, and maybe even an equipment upgrade to challenge the next order of competitors and have fun doing so.

There are probably only a handful of rods that can improve your game when it’s already up there to begin with, which is why you’ll be surprised at how this rod accomplishes just that in such an effortless way.

If you need slight adjustments in your casting style, this product will make it a breeze for you to do so. If you need equipment that improves performance, the Boost ensures it’ll happen for you on the first try!

The Bad

The thing about the Boost is that it’s either really good or not so good for you. There is barely any middle ground when it comes to this rod.

An advanced-level fly fisher will get the hang of this contraption with little effort while beginner and intermediate level anglers may either have a bit of a hard time adjusting or not be able to adjust at all. This is such a skill-dependent rod that typically delivers only when an individual is considerably experienced at fly fishing.

If you’re teetering right at the edge of your journey to becoming the best angler, make sure this rod has a permanent spot on your gear collection. It just might give you the push you need to make it across the finish line.

Most beginner and intermediate players aren’t going to find the Boost too ideal, though, since they may still have a considerable way to go before they acquire the skills and techniques necessary for navigating the rod’s unique nuances.


  • Ultimate rod for power and balance
  • Made of superior lightweight materials
  • High-quality corrosion-resistant titanium guides
  • Fast and crisp blank


  • Almost exclusively for advanced-level anglers


5. Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod 

What better way to cap our list than with the perfect rod for a beginner fisher? With the tons of fly rod options available in the market, this product seems to be the most complete and efficient if you are fresh off the blocks of your fishing journey. 

Product Highlights

Not only is the Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod inexpensive, but it also never falls short on performance. Like most of the rods on this list, it comes in the four-piece travel design, which has been a subject of discussion for some anglers looking to purchase trout rods. It’s incredibly lightweight with a medium-fast action blank that makes it ideally suited for casting in almost any situation.

This rod’s consistently high-performance level is attributed to the ease in which it generates power and action. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fly rod more efficient and effortless than this one. Its power is more evident when it is under load.

This product has a grip-style ideal for freshwater fishing. Nevertheless, those who frequently fish in saltwater will still find it useful. One of the ways you can boost its durability is by cleaning it appropriately after every use, particularly after a saltwater fishing excursion.

The Good

Newbies looking to try out their skills in freshwater fishing will find this particular rod a godsend. It’s a medium-fast action rod that suits beginner casting styles and designed for easy casting in almost any situation.

Since it comes in a four-piece travel design, you can easily bring it around with you. It offers great value for such a reasonable price.

This model has a highly precise role cast accuracy that improves your overall fishing experience. Furthermore, this fly rod is just the right size for fishing in small streams.

The Bad

The delicate 2wt fly rod performs extremely well but can be a bit brittle. You may want to limit using these rods for light fishing excursions and not for big game fishing.

Also, this model’s design makes it more ideal for fishing in freshwater than in saltwater. Thus, if you’re more inclined to fish in the latter, best pick a more suitable rod.

If you need lightning speed, then the Echo Carbon XL might not be the rod for you. Most amateur fishers would probably say it’s fast enough, but fishing masters might find it lacking in terms of speed. Overall, this rod is meant for inexperienced anglers who are simply looking to try their luck at fishing.


  • Lightweight
  • Faster compared to other trout rods
  • Versatile
  • Suits different casting styles and situations


  • May not be fast enough for experienced fishers
  • Meant for newbie fishers
  • Designed mainly for freshwater fishing


Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a fly rod. All of which should revolve around your specific needs as a fly fisher. As fishers, we try as much as possible to develop our techniques and skills in fishing to make the venture not only effective but also enjoyable.

Identifying a rod’s key features is crucial to finding out if it’s suitable for us. Choosing the right rod means making sure that its attributes specifically complement our repertoire.

1. Action

The action determines how powerfully and accurately you can cast the line into the water. It also factors into the tightness of the loops and the distance in which you can cast them out. Both of which determine how effectively you can fly fish.

You can choose from slow-action, medium-fast, or fast action rods depending on your casting style. Beginner and intermediate fishers typically choose slow or medium-fast action rods as they offer just the right speed to complement the level of skill and casting style of someone who is only fresh off the blocks of their fishing journey.

Advanced fishers, on the other hand, find fast-action blank rods more ideal because they give just the right balance of high power and speed required to catch bigger game.

2. Line Control

Another key feature you must always be on the lookout is line control. This tells you how well a rod can help you accomplish the next function after casting the fly into the water. You’ll want to choose a fly rod that offers just the right control designed for the situation and the particular fish you’re trying to catch.

The level of control you have depends on the weight of the fly line you use. Lower fly line weights are meant for giving just the right control for catching smaller fish species while the higher fly line weights offer better control for catching larger and heavier fish.

3. Flexibility and Strength

A fly rod’s flexibility and strength dictate its ability to strike and land fish. If you’re a saltwater fly fishing enthusiast looking to catch larger fish species, make sure your rod is strong and flexible enough to bend under considerable pressure without snapping. Top of the line Echo fly rods deliver in this aspect while still maintaining the lightweight attribute fly fishers are used to expecting from them.


1. What Kind of Fish Are You Fishing For?

In determining the answer to this question, consider where you’re at on your fly fishing journey. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fisher?

There are particular fish species meant for the amateur players to ensure the safest and most effective excursion. Answering this question also helps you discover which fly rod is best suited for your adventure.

2. What Fly Rods Should You Use for Saltwater Fishing?

Saltwater fishing typically means big-game fishing. You’ll want to go for top-quality fast-action fly rods for catching the larger and usually more aggressive fish inhabiting these waters. These rods offer the perfect balance of speed, power, and accuracy needed for a successful saltwater excursion.

3. What Are the Best Fly Rods for Freshwater Fishing?

If you’re looking to fish in freshwater bodies, then slow to medium-fast action fly rods would be best for you. These lightweight and highly-accurate rods typically suit the casting styles and techniques of fishers ranging from the amateur to intermediate levels who typically take their fishing adventures to streams and rivers. Medium-fast action rods are especially suited for all situations, with some models being able to offer high-performance even amidst strong winds.

4. What Fly Line Weights Should You Use?

Fly line weights one to three are best for giving you feel and control for catching smaller fish species. The higher up the weight scale you go, the bigger and more powerful the fish your line can handle. You see, effective fly fishing is not just about the rod you use, but it’s also about the fly line weight you pair your rod with. 

Final Verdict

Echo fly rods are definitely on another level as far as fly fishing rods in the market are concerned. They have the edge in power, materials, accuracy, and overall performance. Considering the benefits you get from all the models on our list, they’re all pretty reasonably priced. Please take note, though, that before buying any Echo fly rod, always consider your specific needs as a fly fisher.

It was challenging to pick a winner from our list, but after considering every pivotal aspect, including the materials, the design, purpose, and price, we give the slightest edge to the Echo TR Spey Fly Rod. As far as Tim Rajeff’s fly fish offerings are concerned, this rod has to be the most complete out of the bunch. Generally, it addresses beginner, intermediate, and advanced fly fishing needs to ensure relatively high performance in any excursion.

Since Echo fly rods are generally so good, you may want to peruse user reviews to narrow down your options effectively. At the same time, you should also check the market for top-quality fly fishing lines to pair your chosen rod with. Combine the best of each of these two fishing gear, and you’ll be on your way to having an amazing fly fishing experience!