If you love fishing, you’ve probably got plenty of rods. You spend countless hours researching the best fly rods so that you can have appropriate tools to use while enjoying the relaxation that fishing provides.

Once you’ve gotten all of the poles you require, your next step is to look for the best fishing pole racks.

That way, you can store them safely in the garage or another part of the house.

We will talk about five different brands and models, then offer an FAQ section and buyer’s guide to help you decide how to buy the right one for your needs.

Best Fishing Pole Racks: A Review

1. Berkley Fishing Rod Rack

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Berkley has been around since 1937 and has always been focused on providing high-quality gear and accessories.

The Berkley Fly Co., founded by Berkley Bedell, started in this young boy’s bedroom, and soon, he was employing girls in the area to make leaders and flies.

They soon moved to a grocery store when his parent’s house wasn’t large enough.

With all that, it soon led to him moving to Spirit Lake, where he made nylon.

This continued to the present, where the brand is now one of the most sought-after options for rods, gear, and accessories.

You can find such products in many retail locations, but most of the company sales are still made through third-party e-commerce sites.

Product Highlights

The Berkley Fishing Rod Rack is available in black, and it is a unique product. You get two pieces, one for each end of the rod.

Since it is so important to protect the rods, it comes with foam grip pads.

These also have an opening and a hole, so you can easily slide the rod into the space provided, and they aren’t going to move around, which makes them ideal for neat storage.

Plus, it holds four different rods of varying lengths.

The Berkley Fishing Rod Rack is lightweight and durable, so it is suitable to be used as a ceiling mount.

What We Like

We were impressed with the foam grip pads of the Berkley Fishing Rod Rack since they make it easier to secure your pole, especially when they are hanging from the ceiling.

What We Don’t Like

Though we like the foam grips, we also worry about longevity. The foam is highly durable, but it can break off or rip with excessive use.


  • Suitable for rods of various lengths
  • Horizontal and vertical mount
  • Screws provided


  • Provided screws unsuitable for plasterboard
  • Firm foam; not easy to slide out the rod’s back


2. Old Cedar Outfitters Horizontal Ceiling Fishing Rack

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Old Cedar Outfitters is a subsidiary of Organized Fishing and was founded to provide organizational and storage solutions for fishing gear.

The items work well regardless of whether you’re a professional or not. Of course, this is a popular brand, though many people don’t realize it.

You can find it at many retailers throughout the USA, but still, online shopping is highly popular.

It’s possible to get this brand from many third-party e-commerce websites.

Product Highlights

When it comes to fishing racks, Old Cedar Outfitters knows what to do.

You get a two-piece solid-pine construction with this product, and the holes are spacious enough to where you can easily get the rod into place without scratching or damaging it.

The screws you need also come with the product, so you can quickly hang it up. Though depicted as being a horizontal pole rack, you can also use it for vertical purposes.

What We Like

We like that the Old Cedar Outfitters Horizontal Ceiling Fishing Rack holds nine rods.

While some people might have more than this, especially if they are professionals, it is suitable for a variety of pole types.

You can also leave the reel and line attached as long as you have space.

What We Don’t Like

The design of the Old Cedar Outfitters Horizontal Ceiling Fishing Rack is a bit off. It is supposed to be staggered so that one butt and one tip go against each other.

This design might work well for horizontal mounting, but not for wall mounts.


  • Solid pine construction
  • Holds nine rods
  • Simplistic design
  • Space-saving


  • Not ideal for wall mounting
  • Can’t hold catfish rods
  • Sharp edges


3. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Pole Storage Rack

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Rush Creek Creations is a newer company, founded in 2006, but they have hand-crafted products to help people bring the outdoors inside.

You can find rustic furniture, such as bow or gun racks and rod holders.

Since it is a newer company, it hasn’t found its way into retail shops, so currently, you can only buy the items from third-party e-commerce websites or shop from their online catalog.

Product Highlights

The Rush Creek Creations Fishing Pole Storage Rack works well for ceiling and wall mounts and can hold 11 rods and reels.

One goes with the tip up while the next with the butt up and so on until all 11 rods are in place.

It’s designed to be a horizontal rack, and you can choose from a variety of finishes.

American Cherry is the most popular, but there is also the laminate version of that, camouflage laminate, and wood grain laminate.

With this rack, you can save space and organize your rods the way you desire.

What We Like

The installation process or the Rush Creek Creations Fishing Pole Storage Rack is very easy.

In most cases, it only takes two minutes to install it when you have the tools ready to go.

What We Don’t Like

We weren’t impressed with the laminate versions of the Rush Creek Creations Fishing Pole Storage Rack because they are just particleboard.

However, you can choose the all-wood version if you’re worried about longevity.


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Customizable spacing for any sized rods
  • Lightweight
  • Available in a variety of finishing
  • Easy to install


  • Comes with an obtrusive sticker
  • Laminated versions are particleboard
  • Might not be strong enough to handle large rods


4. KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Pole Holder

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KastKing is also a newer company. In 2011, some college students took a break and went fishing, and then, they came up with an idea for a start-up company that made fishing tackles and other accessories.

That’s why they created Eposidon Outdoor Adventure in 2013.

The company focuses on low cost but high-quality products and sources its manufacturing components to get the best deals.

It is strictly an e-commerce company, so it sells its goods on its website, as well as third-party e-commerce sites.

Product Highlights

When you think about fishing pole holders, you often imagine two pieces: one for the top and bottom. This one works differently.

The KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Pole Holder is a single piece of wood and metal that stores up to 15 combos or rods and only takes 18 inches of space.

The prongs to hold the rods are various sizes, which means you can store any rod you might have.

There are only three screws needed to install the product, but only via a vertical wall-mount.

That said, the innovative design of the KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Pole Holder allows you to mount the rods anywhere along its length, so you can stagger the reels.

What We Like

We are impressed with the space-saving design of the KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Pole Holder, but we really liked that the holder uses amorphous polymer.

It is also resistant to impacts, chemicals, and heat, plus there’s a thermoplastic, tacky polymer injected into the grooves that helps the rods stay in place.

What We Don’t Like

The one minor caveat of the KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Pole Holder is that the unique design means that the larger slots require you to store the rod higher.

As such, you may need to use a bit of creativity and think about your rod placement.


  • Space-saving design
  • Sticky grooves to hold heavier rods
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and compact


  • Suitable only for 1/2-inch diameter rods
  • Might need different mounting hardware
  • Cheaply made drywall anchors


5. Booms Fishing WV1 Vertical Rod Rack

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Booms Fishing was founded in 2015 and became a leader in fishing tools on a popular third-party e-commerce website.

It has currently entered into online markets for other areas, such as Europe and Japan, though it is based out of the USA.

Right now, it only sells its wares on third-party sites.

Product Highlights

The WV1 Vertical Rod Rack is a two-piece product. Its bottom part provides a base for the butt of the rod, which means you don’t have to worry about it rubbing on the floor.

The top section has grooves fitted with EVA foam that provides a soft touch and is slightly elastic.

Thus, you can easily slide the rod in and out of it without scratching or ruining the foam.

You can house six fishing rods without the reels, but the two end grooves can hold reels, or you can choose to hold three with a space between for reel combos.

What We Like

We were impressed with the ABS base seat or the bottom part of the reel holder of the Booms Fishing WV1 Vertical Rod Rack.

It prevents your blanks from getting deformed or weakened, plus there’s less worry of damage.

What We Don’t Like

Though the EVA foam is more durable than Styrofoam, we aren’t sure that it will hold up after many years of use.

Plus, it can only hold rods of a diameter ranging from 0.2 to 0.4 inches.


  • Easy to install
  • Keeps rods organized
  • EVA foam grips for protection
  • Has an interlocking system


  • Can’t hold reels but in two spaces
  • Only holds rods between 0.2 and 0.4 inches in diameter
  • Potential quality-control issues


Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a fishing pole rack, there are many things to consider, and you must get the right one that meets all of your needs.

Hence, we will talk about certain aspects of a pole rack so that you understand what is available and how to decide.

1. Rack Type

When it comes to the type of rack to buy, there are certain things to ponder. For example, you must focus on construction and the mounting style.

Most racks are made of wood and metal, though you can find durable plastic options. You may also find that some have foam insides to protect the pole while others don’t.

The mounting style is also important to consider. Some of them can be attached to the ceiling, which is ideal for long-term storage.

Others sit on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. Both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Of course, you also have to think of spacing and other concerns when you buy the rack.

2. Footprint

A pole rack has a footprint, which is the spacing required to fit it perfectly.

Think about your ceiling for a moment. Does it have an attic opening?

If you plan to use a ceiling-mounted rack for long-term storage, you should ensure that you’ve got enough room for the rack.

That also means you need enough space to hold the pole’s butt, as well as the rod extension.

You should also be aware that the eyelets will stay on the pole, and you must position them in a way that isn’t going to damage them.

Pole racks that attach to the wall have the same considerations. Make sure that the poles will stand straight and fit properly.

If you keep the reels with the poles, and you should, then you also want to make sure that it doesn’t stand too far away from the wall so that you don’t accidentally kick the reel or rod.

Doorways should also be taken into consideration if you plan to attach the rack to the wall.

Make sure that the door won’t hit the rack or the poles because this could cause damage.

3. Rack Capacity

The next thing to focus on is how many poles the rack can hold.

If you’re an avid fisher, you probably have poles for all types of fishing activities, such as surf rods, fly rods, and the like.

You want something that can hold different fishing poles and store them all safely.

Most options come with six to eight spaces, but you can find versions with fewer or more, depending on your needs.

It might also be a good idea to think about the poles you might buy in the future.

While you can buy what you need now, you would have to purchase extra racks when you acquire more fishing poles.

4. Design and Positioning

Though most people don’t think about the design of the pole rack, it might be something to consider.

Where will you place the rack? If you’re putting the rack in the basement or garage, you probably don’t need something with an intricate design.

However, if it’s going in the house or you want to show off your collection, look for something that looks nice.

You can also find a variety of fancy materials, such as stainless steel and mahogany wood.

When it’s going in a basement or somewhere that most people don’t go, you can get away with plastic or plain designs.

5. Durability

The goal of any fishing pole rack is to last a long time. It doesn’t make much sense to purchase something that will break in the next year.

Often, you use the rack every day. Even if you go fishing, you probably only need a few poles, so the others stay on the rack, which means something is constantly on the rack.

You don’t want the rack to fall apart with your poles on it, so look for products that are made solidly and have high-quality parts.

There might be some assembly required, but if everything is made to be durable, just find time to put it together correctly, and it can last for many years.

6. Ease of Assembly

When it comes to assembling the pole rack, you’ve got some things to consider.

The racks we reviewed all have one or two separate pieces, but you’re not going to have to attach anything to the rack itself.

Instead, you just install the rack onto the wall or ceiling in the right position.

In most cases, you get the screws and parts you need for the job, but you may need to have your own drill, screwdriver, or hammer.

Though many people feel that a single rack is better, this can put a lot of strain on the pole; instead, it might be best to utilize a dual-rack assembly.

That way, the tips and butts of the poles are supported.


1. How Do You Store a Fishing Pole?

You must store your fishing pole correctly to protect it from damage.

Though they are built strong to hold and reel in fish, they can also be quite delicate.

If you leave the hook on the rod, make sure you keep it attached to the rod’s hook keeper so that it doesn’t catch the line accidentally.

The first thing you should do when storing the fishing pole is to clean the gear and dry it, which is especially true for saltwater fishing since the salt can corrode the equipment.

If you’re planning to store the rods for extended periods, you may want to remove the reel and line, and then store them separately.

That said, you don’t have to do this if you plan to use the rod within the next few months. You must also make sure that you install the rack correctly and that it doesn’t move.

Then, slide the rod into the rack notches carefully. There could be one or two rack parts.

The butt should rest gently on the floor, vertically, to reduce the pressure on the rod. Some racks do not have enough space for the reels, though, so you may need to remove them.

When the line is kept with the rod, make sure it’s not pulled taut, or the rod might suffer from too much pressure.

2. Is It Bad to Store Fishing Rods Horizontally?

It’s not necessarily bad to store your fishing rods horizontally, but you need to know where they are going to be and how often you want to access them.

While some people do choose to use the racks horizontally, the manufacturers advise against this.

Plus, if you’re hanging them on a wall, vertical storage is paramount.

On the contrary, those who want to store them on the ceiling should choose a horizontal rack, but you should be aware that it might take more work to get them down.

You may need a ladder and run the risk of dropping the rod.

Additionally, if you have small children, it might be better to choose the horizontal route so that they can’t easily play with them and risk breaking or damaging them.

3. How Do You Hang a Fishing Pole from the Ceiling?

You need a pole rack that allows for horizontal mounting.

Some racks are dual-purpose and can be used for both, while others are intended for one or the other.

Make sure that you choose the one for horizontal mounting.

Next, you need to drill holes into the ceiling and make sure they’re in line with the joists.

If you have none or you want it positioned differently, you may need anchors or sinkers so that there is more stability.

Screw the rack parts to the joists or through the holes with the anchors. Make sure to measure everything correctly so that the rods fit right.

4. Can You Store Fishing Rods in the Cold?

Yes, it is possible to store your fishing rods in the cold; for example, an outside shed or garage can be the ideal place to put your rods.

However, you should ensure that the space is dry and free from direct sunlight because heat and moisture damage the rods more than the cold.

With that said, it is often best to store them inside where there is a steady temperature.

5. How Do You Store a Fishing Rod in a Garage?

You may store your fishing rods in a garage, but there is a right way to do it. You would need a fishing pole rack to start.

Then, you should install it correctly in a space that is not going to be in the way. Once that is done, you insert your rods into the slots and let them hang.

Pay close attention to where you install the rack, as again, it should not be in direct sunlight. There should be no moisture spots, and the space should be completely dry.

Our Final Recommendation

With five great products, you may wonder which option is the right one for you. We think that the best of the best fishing pole racks is the one from KastKing.

Though it hasn’t been on the market for a long time, its innovative and space-saving design is impressive.

Plus, it allows you to hang it wherever you want and stagger the reels to hold 15 different rod-and-reel combos.

Of course, you might have to get creative to get them all to fit properly, but that could be fun, too!