The best fishing pontoon boats give you the best of both worlds as they are incredibly stable and enable you to fish without scaring away your catches. Many anglers also claim these boats are highly recommended for teaching kids how to fish or for a relaxing day out on the water. Below, you will find five pontoon boats to use for fishing in most water conditions.

Best Fishing Pontoon Boats: A Review

1. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

The Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat has plenty of features to offer and comes in low-profile sage green and black design. With the ability to easily navigate rivers and bodies of water up to nine feet, this should be more than enough for everyday fishing excursions. You’ll surely appreciate its versatility and convenience of use.

Product Highlights

There are a few notable features to consider with this fishing pontoon boat, including its rod holder. With the rod holder, you can mount your fishing gear up to three positions on each oar stand. This feature allows you to fish easily in any place in your surrounding area without having to adjust your seat.

Another feature you’ll love is the anchor system, which has a mesh bag. You can easily add pulley controls to the left or right side of the boat to help with navigation. Depending on the waters you’re in, you can also fill the mesh bag with bait for additional catches.

When trolling, be sure to use the motor mount, as there are two positions you can use to your advantage. You’ll also find these mounts are substantially sturdier than on other pontoon boats. Also, another convenience is the fold-down seat made from plastic that also features a comfortable amount of padding.

The overall design of the Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is essential, as it features plenty of useful yet classic materials. The bottom is covered with abrasion-resistant PVC to help protect the boat from rocks and other debris. You’ll also love the feeling of the rugged nylon on the top of the vessels that adds durability.

There’s plenty of storage to use with this boat as well, including ten mesh pockets and 12 zippered pockets for all your gear and an extra set of clothes. When fully inflated, you’ll also have access to two drink holders with insulation, and a large storage rack on the back of the boat.

What to Like About It

The newer models of the Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat come equipped with a transport wheel. The boat itself is around 75 pounds, which isn’t too heavy for fishing equipment of this size, but the transport wheel surely makes it simpler. The frame is large and seems to be powder coated for durability; you also have the option of removing the heavy nylon covering.

Overall, the build quality of this pontoon boat is its best selling feature, as it doesn’t look or feel cheap. There are high-quality inflation valves, easy-to-follow instructions, and a comfortable seat.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant disadvantage to this boat is that it doesn’t come with a swivel seat as many high-end pontoons do. Unfortunately, this may mean you have to switch the chair out for an alternative model, so you can navigate yourself when anchored. You may also find it challenging to balance the weight in the front and back of the boat, especially with a battery and trolling motor installed.


  • High-quality design
  • Easy to transport
  • Removable nylon cover
  • High-quality inflation valves


  • The seat doesn’t swivel
  • May require different seat attachment
  • Difficult to counterbalance


2. Aquos Heavy-Duty Inflatable Pontoon Boat

With a stark white aesthetic, this pontoon boat will surely be one of the better ones you’ll use this year. There is an assortment of convenient features that you will put to good use, such as its stability and extensive platform. We also recommend this model as a great way to teach your kids how to fish.

Product Highlights

Regardless if you typically fish with one or two people, you will love the design of this boat. It features a single seat, but plenty of room on the platform for another angler, which is why we love it for family excursions. The platform is incredibly stable and secure, which helps the second angler to feel more comfortable.

Unlike the previous pontoon boat, this model does feature a 360-degree swivel seat. The seat itself has marine-grade vinyl, which is ideal for protecting it against fading from the sun and mildew. You’ll also find the back supports are relatively comfortable, and it features a generous amount of cushioning.

When it comes time to pack away your boat, it should take no longer than 30 minutes with the easy-to-follow instructions. This rule also applies to when you set it up, as its design is easy for anyone to use. You’ll be able to store it anywhere, whether it’s your garage, RV, or the trunk of your vehicle.

For added buoyancy, there are four individual chambers, two of which are extra reinforced. This feature helps to ensure the boat is less likely to capsize, even if you’ve caught large fish. Many have found that you don’t have to worry about weight distribution as much as you would with lesser quality boats.

Overall, the materials used to make the Aquos Heavy-Duty Inflatable Pontoon Boat are heavy-duty, rust-resistant, and quite durable in extreme conditions. The most critical pieces are made from 304 high-grade stainless steel.

What to Like About It

What we found to be interesting about this pontoon is that you can either use it with the single-seat or add an extra chair, as you desire. Its design can hold two adults up to 970 pounds in total, which is more than enough wait for you, your fishing partner, and your gear. You’ll also love the convenient design of the boat, which makes it quite versatile for professional or leisure purposes.

What Not to Like About It

The number one concern with this boat is that its railings aren’t as sturdy as you would hope, so you will want to make sure not to lean against them. However, they are useful for maintaining your balance, as long as you don’t put your whole weight on them.

Also, you may find that this boat is a little heavier than you had predicted, especially if you will be transporting it. It will likely be a two-person job to store this particular boat.


  • Rust-resistant materials
  • Ability to add an extra seat
  • Holds up to 970 pounds
  • Versatile for leisure and professional tasks


  • Quite heavy
  • Rail system may bend and break


3. Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat

When it comes to ease of use and convenience, this is one of the main boats you’ll think of. With a design that is for one angler, this is the type of gear that you can quickly grab and head out onto the water with. The Sea Eagle 285 is by far one of the most versatile pontoon boats on this list.

Product Highlights

At first glance, you can tell that this boat is meant for quick and easy fishing excursions since it is frameless. You’ll find that this feature makes it substantially more comfortable to carry on your own and to put into storage without anyone’s help. The overall weight of the boat is 42 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest pontoons we’ve explored on this list.

When it’s time to head out onto the water, you’ll love how the boat fits into a convenient and versatile small bag. When it’s packed down, it measures in at 24”x24”x12”, though when inflated, it is nine feet by four feet. You’ll also love that you can remove the wood floor altogether, which makes it even simpler to carry.

With the help of the 360-degree swivel seat, you can capture fish in any direction surrounding your boat. It helps to add to the versatility and convenience of using a pontoon compared to other fishing boats. Also, you’ll love having access to the mounted mesh stripping apron and fish ruler for when you get your catches.

Not only do you have access to the swivel seat mounted on a seven-inch pedestal, but the removable wood floor as well. You can easily install this feature within seconds and provide yourself with a stable casting platform. Whether you like sitting or standing while fishing, this boat will accommodate your preferences.

The U-shaped hull is ideal for a solo fishing experience, as you can make the most out of the space you have. There are also two Scotty mounts and rod holders added to the top of the stern, so you can use your favorite accessories with ease.

What to Like About It

Preparing the pontoon is easier than you’d imagine, as it only takes up to 15 minutes to sufficiently pump it with air. You’ll also love how easy it is to row, once you get the hang of it, and setting it up takes only a few minutes after you’ve done it for the first time. The comfort of the seat is also quite notable, not to mention it quickly swivels in any direction without any extra effort.

What Not to Like About It

As with any small pontoon boat, the most significant issue you will have is tracking on a windy day. If it’s windy on the water, you can guarantee that paddling will be quite tricky, so this boat is best for calm conditions. You may also find that once the vessel inflates, it may take up to two people to carry it, so you’ll want to prepare it as close to the water as possible.


  • Easy to set up and deflate
  • Comfortable seat
  • The seat easily swivels
  • Plenty of room for one angler


  • Poorly tracks in wind
  • Requires extra paddling effort
  • May need two people for carrying


4. Bris Inflatable Pontoon Boat


The Bris Inflatable Pontoon Boat is an excellent option for anyone interested in a fishing boat that also behaves like a rafting boat. With a small, sleek, and stylish aesthetic, you’ll find this is one of the more accessible models to use as a solo angler. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back and three-year manufacturer warranties.

Product Highlights

To maintain its integrity, high-quality materials were used to design this boat, including 1100 Denier 0.9mm PVC around the exterior. This material helps to prevent any signs of wear and tear, as well as breaking and excessive levels of tension. Over time, you’ll see fewer signs of wear compared to other boats made from nylon, as an example.

Every seam on this boat has been welded so that you can guarantee it’s not likely to take in water. You can easily use it in fresh or saltwater, as well as in very humid conditions. In addition to the welding, all the seams are quadruple overlapped so you can rest assured your pontoon is as durable as possible.

If you’re the type of angler who prefers to stand rather than sit, you’ll love the quality of the heavy-duty aluminum floor that has a few sections. There are also planks readily available for you to sit in, depending on your preferences. All of the metal used on the boat is corrosion-proof, making it highly adaptable to fishing, diving, and even snorkeling.

As an added benefit, there is a marine plywood transom available for an outboard motor, if you desire. All of the transoms are covered with splash guards and will also be protected from UV rays and excessive levels of heat. Be sure to use all of the items included with your order, such as the two bench seats, the two aluminum oars, foot pump, carrying bag, and the repair kit.

What to Like About It

One of the most significant advantages of the Bris Inflatable Pontoon Boat is that it doesn’t leak air, even with regular use over several months. You’ll also find that it rows exceptionally well, and the materials feel like they are heavy-duty and rugged. Users also have full control over the placement of the seats, as they can be adjusted forward or backward.

What Not to Like About It

Assembling the boat for the first time can be quite tricky, as the instructions aren’t as detailed as many would hope. You may also find that when you inflate the boat, the more air you put in it, the less likely the aluminum floorboards are to fit. Unfortunately, this boat will make it quite challenging to fit up to four adults at a time, as advertised.

Instead, you can comfortably fit one to two anglers with fishing gear at a time. For leisure trips, you can typically fit up to three moderately sized adults or a few children at once.


  • High-quality build
  • Doesn’t leak air
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Fully adjustable seats


  • Not for four adults
  • Difficult to place floorboards
  • Poorly written instructions


5. DAMA Fishing Inflatable Pontoon

As the final pontoon we’ll explore in this guide, the DAMA Fishing Inflatable Pontoon looks and feels luxurious, especially for solo anglers. With an overall length of 76” and a width of 39”, you’ll easily be able to fish or take a pleasure cruise on a warm afternoon. You’ll find this particular model has a maximum weight capacity of 380 pounds, which makes it ideal for one person.

Product Highlights

This inflatable boat has all the basic features you would expect, such as an anchor system with a fillable mesh bag. Similar to the other models we’ve discussed, you can put your pulley and cleat controls on either the left or right side of the boat. With the anchor system, finding the ideal spot and sticking to it has never been easier.

You will have full control over how you use your new pontoon, as the padded seat is fully adjustable and removable. You can choose to either sit or stand while fishing, though we highly recommend continuing to use the chair. The backrest is quite comfortable, and there is more than enough padding for long-distance trips.

As an added benefit, anglers will love the two fishing rod holders that allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery hands-free. After your first trip, you’ll also fall in love with the hydrodynamic hull that has a unique shape for better tracking and optimal steering. These two features are also what make the DAMA Fishing InflatablePontoon easy for beginners to use.

In terms of build quality, this pontoon features abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms as well as a high-quality and rugged nylon cover. You’ll love how wear and tear won’t show up as quickly on this boat as it would with others.

What to Like About It

Instead of having a heavy-duty seat that adds weight to the boat, this design features a fully inflatable chair that you can easily remove at any time. You’ll also appreciate how it feels like it will last multiple years, especially when compared to other high-end pontoons. Also, we love the fact that it features a canopy, which makes relaxing on a summer afternoon even more pleasant.

What Not to Like About It

If you are searching for a pontoon to use with a motor, this isn’t the design to consider. Unfortunately, it is not adaptable for trolling; however, you can easily paddle it to any location you desire. Another issue to recognize is the inflater valves on the boat, as they are uniquely threaded to work with the included pump instead of other pumps you may have at home.


  • Small and versatile
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • High-quality design
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Inflatable seat


  • Doesn’t work with motors
  • Inflater valves aren’t universal


Buyer’s Guide

Beginning the search for your pontoon boat means you’ll need a list of the essential features to consider. From the shape of the boat to how easily it accommodates one or more anglers, you’ll want to think about the features in this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision. Below are the most critical traits of top-tier pontoon boats for any fishing enthusiast.

1. Type

There are a few different types of pontoons, depending on the kind of angler you are. You can typically find affordable models, fishing-specific models, performance models, and luxury ones. With the accessible models, they generally are far less than 18 feet and are ideal for one or two anglers. They will also have minimal features and will usually have less storage space.

Fishing-specific models are typically a good choice because they’ll have plenty of features, including live wells, rod holders, and a reasonable amount of performance. With a fishing pontoon, you won’t feel like you are limited to one space in the water, as the unit will adapt to your fishing style. However, you can also use your fishing boat for leisure rides out on the lake or the river.

Performance boats are known for the fact that they aren’t operated manually; they typically come with an engine pre-installed. The engine provides you with power assist steering and the ability to travel longer distances in half the time. Even though they are the fastest model out of the others, they may not be ideal for low-profile fishing excursions.

2. Materials

There is an assortment of materials that create pontoons, whether it’s polyethylene, nylon, or aluminum. You will want to take your angling style and convenience into consideration, as some materials are preferable while others might not be. For example, if you want a portable inflatable boat, you shouldn’t opt for one with an aluminum frame.

Polyethylene and nylon appear to be the two most popular materials for quick and easy fishing boats, as they are lightweight yet still rugged. Both materials are strong enough to withstand abrasions, rips, and tears, especially from grasses and debris under the water. You’ll also find they are the easiest to disassemble and pack away during the off-season.

For a more heavy-duty option, many pontoons feature an aluminum frame. If you intend on fishing with more than two or three people, you may want to opt for a metal-based boat. It’s important to remember; the more heavy-duty the vessel is, the more stable it will be when you’re using it with multiple adults.

3. Weight

Weight is significant for two reasons since you’ll want to be able to carry your boat to the water easily. You may also need to consider weight if you own a trailer or intend on storing your boat in the trunk of your vehicle. Overall, inflatable pontoons seem to have the lowest loads on the market.

These convenient designs will weigh no more than a traditional inflatable but will feature everything you would expect from a high-quality pontoon. Those made from polyethylene and nylon will also be relatively lightweight, typically weighing less than 50 pounds, if not less. The lighter your boat is, the easier it will be for you to manage on your own.

4. Shape

Did you know that pontoon boats can come in different shapes? The two main types to choose from are U-shaped and round, though some retailers may also have hexagonal boats. As an angler, you want a boat that is sleek, low profile, and easy to navigate, especially as a beginner.

U-shaped pontoons seem to be one of the more popular because you will displace less water when you ride. This feature makes it far easier to paddle with one or two individuals, and it also gets you closer to the water’s surface. Another advantage of U-shaped pontoons is they give you the ability to capitalize on space in your boat, compared to wasting space.

5. Seat Type

The seat of your boat will have a more considerable effect than you might think, especially if you prefer to sit rather than stand while fishing. Not only will you want to make sure the seat is comfortable, but it should also be able to swivel or change positions. You wouldn’t want to take your pontoon out on the water only to be able to fish facing forward in one location.

Most high-quality pontoon boats feature swivel seats, which allow you to orient your body up to 360 degrees. Alternatively, you can typically remove the chair altogether and decide to stand for the entire trip, although this may become exhausting after a while. Overall, you should have a versatile and comfortable seat to put to good use.

Best Fishing Pontoon Boats FAQs

1. Do Pontoon Boats Make Good Fishing Boats?

Pontoons are incredible fishing boats because they are low-profile, easy to navigate, and very convenient to own. With these unique designs, you can carry your necessary gear as well as a second angler for your fishing excursion. You will also find stowing the boat is substantially more relaxed than if you were using a full-sized boat with an engine.

2. Do Pontoon Boats Hold Their Value?

Unfortunately, pontoon boats are another piece of marine equipment that isn’t likely to hold their value. A few years after your first use, you’ll find their value will start to depreciate, but that doesn’t mean they are less valuable to the owner. Over time, you will begin to appreciate the number of hours you’ve spent on the boat and how it enables you to get more fish than ever before.

Even though you won’t get as much as you’d wish by reselling your pontoon, you will find that your need for it won’t lessen.

3. How Fast Do Pontoon Boats Go?

If you opt for a pontoon boat with a built-in engine, you’ll find they can travel up to 25 miles per hour. Many people use them not only as a fishing tool but also for water sports. If you opt for a manual design, it will only move as quickly as you can row.

There is an option for manual pontoon boat owners who want to add different motors, as you can purchase trolling models. These devices are a great way to add a little bit of extra speed (up to five miles per hour) to your boat for an affordable price.

4. Can You Flip a Pontoon Boat?

Trying to flip a pontoon boat is quite tricky, especially since they are rated highly for their stability and buoyancy. You will also find the more substantial the boat is, the better the weight will be distributed on all ends, making it quite difficult to flip. If you put your mind to it, you could make the boat capsize, but it’s unlikely to do so from regular use.

5. Are Pontoon Boats Safe in Rough Water?

High-powered pontoon boats, such as the ones used for water sports, can handle rough waters. The more affordable designs that need manual paddling or that have a trolling motor might be a little more challenging to use. The issue with manual pontoons is that their tracking becomes poorer in choppier weather, which makes it even more challenging to steer and control.

Our Final Recommendation

The Aquos Heavy-Duty Inflatable Pontoon Boat is our top recommendation for the best pontoon money can buy due to its versatility and high-quality features. With the ability to hold over 970 pounds, you’ll have more than enough durability for one to two anglers as well as gear. Its tracking and general performance are quite impressive, especially when you attach a trolling motor for added convenience.