Fly fishing is a soothing way to pass your time and at the same time extremely challenging. Setting yourself on a slow-moving river is very peaceful, regardless of whether you are fishing or not. However, it is extremely difficult and a real test of your patience and determination.

There are many things that affect how well you perform in fly fishing. One of those things is the equipment you use for the sport. You need various kinds of equipment to ease your efforts and make your experience enjoyable.  However, the most basic types of equipment needed in this sport are fly fishing reels and rods.

Fly fishing rod and reel are often placed together because they complement each other perfectly. Buying both of these items individually can add up if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s necessary to look for a combo set of fly fishing rod and reel to save some time and money.

In this article, we will discuss what you should consider while choosing the best fly fishing reel and rod. We will also view which available options are the best when it comes to best fly fishing reel and rod combos.

Characteristics of the Best Fly Fishing Rods

Getting the perfect rod for your favorite hobby requires knowledge of fly fishing equipment and an understanding of how these things work. Users have to pay attention to every small detail to find the rod that is perfect for them. The following are some of the main characteristics you have to pay attention to.

Fly Rod Action

The fly rod action is the extent of flexibility or stiffness in a given rod. Before finalizing on a particular rod, you have to consider the skill level of the person who’s going to use the fly fishing rod. We can break the action of a fly fish rod into three main categories:

Slow action

Slow action fly fish is the most flexible compared to other kinds of rods. These rods are perfect for beginners as they provide these users the flexibility they need to master basic presentations of the fly. However, fly rods with flexible action are also harder to control while back-casting of the fly, so beginners will need to switch to other options soon.

Medium action

Medium fly fishing rods are a balance between stiffness and flexibility. These rods provide the users with the ability to control the cast more effectively than a fast actions rod. Moreover, the angler will also be able to cast harder, longer compared to a slow action rod.

Fast action 

Fast action rods are also known as tip-flex among professional anglers. These rods have the most stiffness and bend the little least among other fly fishing rods. The stiffness of these rods allows it to generate more power and is equipped for making longer casts.

However, only proficient anglers can make use of these rods as they are harder to control for beginners. If you don’t control these rods well, they will create hard casts in the water and scare away any fish lurking nearby.

Fly Rod Length/Material

Generally, fly rods are structured to be about six to ten feet in length. Shorter rods are more adept for making short casts and are ideal for use in small steams. On the other hand, longer rods prove to be useful in more open settings. With the help of long rods, anglers are able to make long casts while avoiding any snags or branches near them.

Ideally, the length of a fly fishing rod needs to be around eight to nine feet for versatility. This way, an angler can adapt to any setting by making minor adjustments in their delivery.

Besides that, you also need to consider which material the fly fishing rod is made from. Manufacturers use different materials to embed certain features into the fly fishing rod. Most times, companies use fiberglass, bamboo, or graphite to boost the performance of these devices.

Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo is a strong yet flexible plant which makes it a versatile option for making a rod. Fly fishing rods made from bamboo are heavier than most rods and also have a slow-action by default.

Normally, expert anglers use these rods because they look aesthetic and have a natural feel to them. However, they also need greater care to maintain their usability over long periods of time.

Fiberglass Fly Rods 

Fiberglass rods are cheap and durable, which makes them perfect for someone who is starting out in fly fishing. Beginners can start learning the basics of fly fishing on these rods.

Graphite Fly Rods 

Graphite fly rods are gaining popularity in the fly fishing market. These rods are fairly new and are available in various forms. Users can find graphite rods from lightweight to moderately heavy models. Many users prefer these rods because they are usually lighter than fiberglass, give a longer, and also have greater accuracy.

Fly Line Weight

When it comes to the weight of fly rods, they are classified on a measurement scale of 1-12. Heavy fly rods are made to catch heavier fish as they can take on the power of a strong fish. So, in the end, your choice of fly rod really depends on which fish you are looking to catch.

If a person has a rod of 3wt, s/he can expect to catch fish such as a small stream trout or a panfish. On the other hand, a rod of 9wt has the strength to catch larger fish, even large saltwater fishes. Ideally, you should pick a rod that lies between 5-6wt, as these rods can catch both small fish and some ocean-dwelling fish.

The measurement scale takes into account the thickness and weight of the fly line your rod is meant to handle. Choosing the right fly rod weight is critical also because the fly rod weight rod should be compatible with the fly line weight. For instance, if you own a light fly rod of 3wt, it wouldn’t be wise to purchase a fly line of 8wt, as the rod won’t support such a thick line.

What Makes a Good Fly Rod Combo?

You have to remember that not every fly fishing rod combo has the same quality. When it comes to fly fishing rods, rule, generally, you only get what you pay for. If the price on some fly fish combo is unbelievably low, it’s likely that the combo is not made from the best material available.  Other times, you will notice that fly fish combos handing out extra accessories are trying to compensate for a poor quality rod.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to take into account how much warranty a company is offering. Most times, when a company is offering a warranty, it’s because they believe that their product is strong enough to work without fault during the warranted time. Therefore, it’s likely that you won’t need the warranty in the end.

However, you must consider searching for several options before finalizing a single product. You can use Amazon to compare several products side-to-side and choose the one that suits you the best. For the convenience of our readers, we have compiled a list of reel and rod combos that are the best in the market.


Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod Fly Fishing Complete Starter Package

Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod Fly Fishing Package contains the complete set of equipment needed for fly fishing. The package has a reel, rod, flies, case, and also an in-depth instruction book to help users get the hang of the equipment.

Contrary to its name, the deal isn’t limited to starters. It is also perfect for anglers who have some experience in fly fishing and want to build on their skills. The pack doesn’t compromise on quality and has all the necessary equipment to improve your skills.

The package strikes a balance in the type of equipment to achieve maximum versatility. The kit contains a slow-action 9-foot long rod. The total weight of this rod is just 5.7 ounces and consists of four pieces of mid-flex IM8 graphite.

The rod features SiC ring enabled stripper guides along with stainless-steel single foot snake guides. Both of these components are resistant to external corrosion and also have the strength to handle hostile environments and resilient fish.

The kit also comes with a unique stainless-steel hook keeper. Moreover, it contains a 7-inch western-styled cork grip that has compressed cork rings. These features allow the rod to be both comfortable and reliable.

It doesn’t end there; the package has a useful die-cast aluminum reel and spool, accompanied by an aluminum reel seat and foot. Besides that, it contains a large drag knob, a quick-release spool, and also disc drag as well. All of these components provide users ample power to overcome the sturdiest of fishes in the stream.

Moreover, the package offers an exclusive waterproof box where beginners can store all their gear. Aside from protecting your kit from moisture, this box will float on top of the water in case it falls. To top it all off, the package comes with a lifetime warranty.

Check Amazon to find out more about the product!

Maximum Catch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

The Maximum Catch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit contains a powerful and versatile rod, a strong reel, a travel case, and 12 hand-tied flies. It has everything you might need to start fly fishing.

The company has built this rod from an exclusive “Maxling” technology, which means that it has a blend of 5 mixed layers of reinforced carbon. The company claims that this allows their rod to be 20% stronger than other common rods. The rod is fast-action, and experienced anglers can use it for high-efficiency loading and powerful casts.

The package has plenty of unique components in its arsenal. These parts include MaxSelect hard-chromed, stainless-steel snake guides, stainless-steel stripping guides, and also an extended tip loop to enhance casting accuracy.

Moreover, the kit includes a lightweight and sturdy aluminum fly reel. The reel is accompanied by a pre-spooled backing, a tapered leader and a weight-forward floating fly line which makes casting easier.

The Maximum Catch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit also has a smooth disc drag system that enables anglers to have ample fish-stopping ability. Besides that, the reel also provides anglers the ability to interchange their left and right hands, which makes it easier to switch back and forth.

During travel, you can utilize a hardy neoprene reel pouch, and a small waterproof box to protect your equipment. In the end, Maximum Catch gives a one-year satisfaction warranty along with a lifetime repairing warranty for its reel and rod.

Check Amazon to find out more about the product!

Piscifun New Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combo

The Piscifun Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combo contains every tool needed to start to fly fishing. The package has a top-of-the-class slow-action rod, which makes it ideal for beginners. The rod is 9 feet in length and has four light, black matte rod blanks. The rod is perfect for catching small sunfish and trout in small streams.

The kit has a half wells cork handle that enables users to have a comfortable grip on the rod. As a result, early anglers can leverage the rod’s flexibility to increase their casting accuracy, reduce fatigue, and fish for long periods of time.

The pack also has an anodized-aluminum reel seat and extended stripping guides that contribute to its performance. On top of that, the package’s 5/6 wt fly reel has been constructed from a durable, die-cast aluminum alloy. Therefore, the reel has the strength to withstand the force exerted by an aggressive fish.

The Piscifun New Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combo also has a mid-arbor design in its reel. This feature enables the reel to deliver quick line pickups and minimize line memory. That’s not all; it also comes with a backing line, a pre-spooled fly line, and also a leader.

In addition, the package has an exclusive fly box decorated with three distinct patterns of flies and lanyard. All of this is accompanied by a useful carrying case that will guard your gear from external elements. In the end, the package provides a limited warranty for all the equipment.

Check Amazon to find out more about the product!

Wild Water 9/10 9’ Rod Freshwater Fly Fishing Complete

The Wild Water 9/10 9’ Rod Freshwater Fly Fishing Complete Pack has everything you need to start off your fly fishing journey. Contrary, to its names, the fly fishing is not limited to be used in freshwater. Anglers can use this fly fishing for hunting down fish in both saltwater and freshwater masses.

The package is quite similar to the Wild Water 5/6 9’ Rod Fly Fishing Complete package except that it is heavier and has a reel capacity a 9/10 wt. The heavier weight of the real enables it to withstand the brunt of catching big fish. Therefore the kit is suitable for catching big species such as steelhead, salmon, largemouth bass, stripers, pike, and also bonefish.

The kit has sturdy die-cast aluminum, supported by a disc drag and quick-release spool. These features are meant for experienced anglers, who use them to make precise adjustments while catching fish. Besides that, it has a strong spool, frame, and foot that help in locking the reel securely on the rod with the help of an aluminum reel seat.

Like its lighter version, the 9-foot rod consists of four pieces of mid-flex IM8 graphite, making it durable despite only weighing 6.6 ounces. The slow-action adds extra flexibility, which helps in making subtle forward casts.

The whole package comes with extra stainless-steel single foot guides and stainless-steel stripper guides, which help you in improving your casting accuracy. The rod also has a full wells cork grip empowered with an extended butt and compressed cork trim rings. These features provide anglers with the comfort and control they deserve while fishing.

At last, the deal includes a carrying case containing a large waterproof fly box. This fly box has the capacity to hold 372 flies, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of the room. To top it off, the starter package has a lifetime warranty, and a reference guide beginners can use for important tips.

Check Amazon to find out more about the product!

ICEWEI Travel Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combos

The ICEWEI Travel Fly Fishing Rod & Reel Combo is an excellent starter pack designed for anglers who like fishing in both saltwater and freshwater habitats. The 7-and-a-half-foot rod isn’t as long as other rods but is sufficient for fishing in your proximity. The rod consists of four flexible pieces of 30-ton carbon fiber rod blank.

Keep in mind that this material is sensitive. However, the rod is also deceptively strong and gives its users a responsive feel without toning down its durability. Moreover, the rod is easy to construct and disassemble; allowing users to start fishing without wasting time. It also makes it easier to store on your boat, in your car, or even in your own house.

The rod has also been equipped with top-of-the-line, stainless-steel guide frames. These guide frames reduce friction and protect your line from any damage. The handle of the device is also corrosion –resistant and comfortable to hold.  As a result, users don’t face any problems while balancing, controlling, and gripping the rod while they resist aggressive fish.

The equipment also contains a die-cast aluminum reel couple with a large arbor design. The large arbor design requires less reeling and helps in taming a fast-action reel. Other than that, the device has a 1:1 gear ratio, Teflon disc drag, and a 2+1 ball bearing system, which makes it ideal for tiring down fish

In addition to its extensive fishing features, the starter kit contains extra components for protecting your rod. The bundle includes a Cordura rod tube, a rod sock and a pouch for accessories. Moreover, it also has a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to carry and transport.

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Regardless of whether someone is new at fly fishing or has been doing it for years, all anglers need the right fly rod and reel combo to make their fly fishing experience worthwhile.

While it’s easy to get confused and to spend hours to choose a fly fish rod and reel combo for yourself, you should prioritize some key functions in a package. First of all, most times, it’s better for longer rod, and a length between eight to nine feet is considered ideal by most professionals.

However, users have to take special care in making sure that their rod is made from a strong and durable material. Other than that, a comfortable handle is also helpful to encounter a fighting fish successfully. On the other hand, a waterproof fly box is a nice addition but not an absolute requirement.

Regardless of which fly fishing rod you end u choosing, just remember that you need the money invested in a quality product is worth the cost. Most times, it’s the only difference between going empty-handed and getting a big catch. In the end, investing money in a top-of-the-line will always pay off and support you in your fly fishing career.