Fishing vests and sling packs are a must if you are the type of angler who loves fly fishing. They provide you with a haven for all your fishing accessories and gear. Imagine having to return to shore to grab your accessories? With the best fly fishing sling pack strapped on, you get to take your bait and all your other fly fishing gear with you.

A quick search online would give you hundreds of options, so we decided to narrow down your options to five of the best. We’ve tried each one and gave detailed reviews below. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the gist!

Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack Reviews

1. Piscifun Fishing Storage Bag

The Piscifun sling pack is true to its name and is ideal for the angler who loves to have fun fishing. With it, you can never run out of storage room because it has 13 compartments to hide and organize your gear.

Product Highlights

Fly fishing requires that you have all that you need on your person, and the Piscifun sling pack provides you with just that. It is designed to be water- and abrasion-resistant, making it highly durable and perfect for all-weather fly fishing.

The sling pack material is a water-resistant, high-density nylon fabric that is indestructible. The bag features an SBS zipper and KAM buckle for added safety of your fishing essentials. There are numerous pockets on it for you to store whatever you want, and you can also not ignore the reflective sticker on it that glows in the dark.

The strap of this sling pack can extend over 51 inches and can be detached to convert the bag into a handbag. The rear breathable mesh design and widened shoulder strap provide maximum comfort to the user. The multifunctional design is ideal for use in all outdoor activities that need you to keep your gear handy.

The Good

We like that the bag is easily adjustable and detachable, so you can easily convert the sling pack to suit your preference. With simple modifications, you can use it as a backpack, traveling bag, fishing tackle bag, sling shoulder bag, and handbags.

Other features we like are the two extra rod belts, bottle pocket design, full-length double zippers, the two pockets at the bottom and on the side of the sling pack. You also get to choose from different color options depending on which one matches your style.

The Bad

We found that the zippers corrode after fishing in saltwater, making it unsuitable for some environments. You also want to be careful not to put any personal belonging inside that can be damaged by water. Although it may be water-resistant, it is not entirely waterproof.


  • Adjustable
  • Several color options available
  • Water-resistant and durable construction
  • Ample storage space
  • Comes with a bottle pocket


  • Not waterproof
  • For freshwater fishing only


2. KastKing Outdoor Sling Bag

The design of the KastKing sling tackle bag is ideal for the pond hopper who loves to have a great time outdoors. Its sturdy build is one of the reasons we are particular about it.

Product Highlights

This sling bag features everything you need for a functional outing. The rip-stop material provides long-term performance and reliability, and the water-resistant coating helps to prevent water from entering. The PVC layer keeps your tackle dry from the inside.

A double-loop zipper features a pulling mechanism for added security. The sling bag also has many storage spaces fitted into it. The front and internal pockets can safely secure the tackle box and tackle, while the main compartments can be used to store your essentials.

The hands-free integrated rod holder secures your rod in place as you move around. The sling bag weighs less than three pounds, making it great for those who love to be mobile on their outdoor journey.

The padded back pad and adjustable padded shoulder strap are in place to help reduce fatigue, keeping you comfortable throughout your outing. Overall, we love the quality of the bag and also the fact that it doesn’t get damaged by saltwater. If you hike often, you will find the KastKing outdoor sling bag to be a comfortable fit.

The Good

We love that the bag is lightweight and weighs next to nothing. You almost certainly will forget that you have it on without a rod attached to it. The many storage spaces are also a plus, given that you can carry all you need along with you.

The bag works great with 3600-size KastKing tackle boxes and any other of the same size on the market. The materials used are sturdy and resistant to water, keeping all you have inside safe from moisture.

The Bad

If you want a fishing sling pack that you can convert for another purpose, then this would not be good for you. The bag can be worn only as a shoulder bag. Although you can try to wear it around your waist, that’s only if you can get it to stay.


  • Made with light fabric
  • Hard-wearing construction
  • Ample storage space
  • Resistant to water
  • Equipped with quality zippers


  • Only has one purpose



3. Magreel Fishing Tackle Bag

The Magreel fishing tackle bag also made to our list because of the fact that it is designed to be versatile. You can use it as a multipurpose bag for all your outdoor activities.

Product Highlights

Among the water-repellant features of this bag include a high-density breathable mesh fabric and nylon material that is also wear-resistant. The left and right shoulder straps are interchangeable, providing you with added comfort and allowing you to adjust the bag to your liking.

There are multiple storage compartments with pockets added to the exterior of this bag, giving you more chances to bring and organize your gear. The main compartment of the bag is roomy, so you can easily store your fishing lures, lunch, keys, and any other essentials.

The straps on the bag are padded, which helps to relieve stress on the shoulders as you carry this sling pack all day. You can also easily make adjustments to the length of the strap based on your preference and your needs.

The bag is available in black and khaki colors. It also features one #3600 tackle box for storing your fishing lures and a rod holder for securing your fishing rod. Dual-Way zippers make for easy open and closure of the bag and secure your valuables.

The Good

We love that the sling pack can serve a variety of purposes. Use it as a sling shoulder bag, backpack, chest bag, traveling bag, or crossbody bag. The bag material is sturdy nylon that is highly durable.

With proper maintenance, you can get the bag to last a long time without any issues. The waterproof features are also top-notch, and you don’t have to worry about the weather or your valuables getting wet.

The Bad

We don’t like that there are not many color options for this bag. It would be nice to have them in brighter colors to make them ideal to use during warm fishing days.


  • Versatile design
  • Made using sturdy materials
  • Designed with padded straps
  • Premium construction
  • Has a roomy interior
  • Comes with extra pockets


  • Available in limited colors


4. RUNATURE Fishing Bag

This multifunctional RUNATURE fishing bag is devoted to making outdoor activities more relaxing and exciting, providing you with the opportunity to carry all that you need in one place.

Product Highlights

This bag has a volume capacity of 13L, but it only weighs 850 grams when it is empty. This means that you get to carry all the essential gear needed without having to worry about the bag being too heavy on your shoulders.

The bag material is a combination of polyester and nylon fabric. The KAM buckle and SBS zippers prevent your valuables from slipping out of the bag. You can also secure your fishing rod with the rod holder belt. It features four zipper pockets, the main compartment, with three small front pockets and two interior separated pockets. A sturdy two-way zipper provides security for your fishing essentials.

This bag has enough storage space that can contain all you need to take with you. You can pack your tablet, flashlight, camera, binocular, lunch box, and all the fishing gear you need for a nice time outdoors.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to increase or reduce the length. You also get to choose from four different color options, which are black, khaki, city camouflage, and army camouflage. The MOLLE system and tapes make it easy to attach other equipment you need for a nice time outdoors.

The Good

The pack provides a great amount of space to store all your fishing essentials, so you can also use it for any activity that requires light traveling. The waterproof nylon material and breathable mesh guarantees durability and that you wouldn’t have to worry about your valuables getting wet.

The Bad

Still, if you are a sucker for bright-colored accessories, you may want to consider other options since you only get to pick from the black, khaki, or camouflage colors.


  • Weightless design
  • Ample storage space
  • Has an adjustable strap
  • Multipurpose design


  • No bright colors


5. Bowhound Fishing Bag

The last sling pack on our list is the Bowhound fishing bag. This is specifically designed for multipurpose outdoor use, not just for fishing.

Product Highlights

This tackle bag has three main compartments for storing all your fishing essentials. The bag features state-of-the-art technology that sets it apart from the rest.

For one, it is made using 1000D nylon fabric coated with a three-layer of polyurethane for added durability. This means that this bag can serve multipurpose use; you can use it for any other outdoor activity apart from fishing, such as hunting, hiking, traveling, and camping.

Two side pockets can serve as a holder for your tool and water bottle. The storage space can hold two #3500 tackle boxes and have room for other essentials such as your fishing lures, hooks, and scales. If you also like to spend time at the range, you can find it to be useful in carrying your extra mags and ammo.

What’s more, you can attach other gears to the sling pack using the Velcro patch and the rings on the strap of the bag. The Velcro patches also allow for easy customization of the bag, and with a weight of less than one and a half pounds, it is just perfect for mobile travelers.

The Good

The bag material is durable, giving you value for your money since you don’t have to get a replacement soon. The polyurethane coating provides maximum water-resistance and ensures that you don’t lose your valuables.

Overall, we like that the bag can be easily worn and does not get in the way when casting. It doesn’t matter if you fish in shallow or deep waters; with this bag, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe no matter what.

The Bad

The only issue we have with this bag is that you can only choose between black and tan, so it might not be great for those looking for other color options.


  • Durable construction
  • Designed with many pockets
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to wear
  • Resists water


  • Limited color options


Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right fly fishing bag for you can be a daunting task; there are just too many options to choose from, which makes it difficult to decide which one to choose. To help you out, here are the features to look out for in a quality fly fishing bag:

1. Durability

The first thing to look out for is if the bag is long-lasting. If you don’t want to spend on a replacement anytime soon, you should get it right the first time. The bag material is what you’d want to check. Also, examine if the zippers are well designed. If you intend to use the bag often, you will need to be on the watch for a bag made with heavy-duty fabric.

2. Fabric

The fabric that the bag is made of is also an important feature to investigate; it has to weigh less and be able to resist water. Nylon and polyester are some of the best fabric for fly fishing bags, so you want to watch out for those. Some brand also features a breathable mesh fabric and extra padding for added comfort.

3. Water Resistance

Since you want to protect your essentials from being wet, it only makes sense that you use a fishing bag that can resist water. You should be aware that not all bags are water-resistant or waterproof, so you want to confirm that yours is before making payments.

The review section is a great place to get user feedback when shopping online, so we advise you to check them out to make an intelligent decision.

4. Storage Features

Of course, you also need to double-check that the bag has enough compartments and storage spaces for all your gear. If you intend to carry all your essentials on your person as you move in the water, then you need to not overlook this feature.

Some bags have large storage spaces that can fit two tackle boxes, while others have pockets on the side and rings and patches for additional attachments. Explore all your options before making a decision.

5. Attachment System

As mentioned, some sling packs come with an attachment system for adding extra gear on them. You may need to do this if the item is too large to fit into the bag, or you need to access it frequently.

The attachment system is usually in the form of rings, loops, lashings, or Velcro patches. You will find this feature to be handy when you use the bag for other outdoor activities such as hunting and camping.

6. Weight

The weight of the bag is also something you want to consider. Most anglers like lightweight fishing and wouldn’t want anything to affect their casting. If this is you, you want to consider weighing your sling bag before leaving the store.

7. Comfort

You should also consider how comfortable the bag is on the shoulder or waistline. If you love to fish for long hours, then you want a sling bag that doesn’t stress your shoulders or back. You should check that the material of the strap is either padded or cushioned with extra layers for maximum comfort.

8. Strap

The strap on your bag is also an important feature to look for. The best bags feature straps that are padded or extra layered for added comfort. Look for bags with wider straps since they are capable of distributing the load across the shoulder evenly compared to thin straps.

Also, you want to check that you can easily strap the bag across either shoulder so that you don’t have to struggle each time you put on the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that finding the right fly fishing gear can be a difficult task, especially if you are shopping for new equipment for the first time. You may have questions that you need answers to, which is why we have answered some of them to help you out.

1. Do I need a sling pack for fly fishing?

You need to have all your gear in one place when fly fishing to ensure the best experience. While there are other options to choose from, a sling pack gives you the freedom to fish for hours. You don’t have to buy a sling pack for fly fishing if you have other options, but the best anglers know the advantage of taking one along.

2. Can a sling pack hold a fishing rod?

Whether a sling pack can hold a fishing rod depends on the type you choose. Some brands feature a rod holder that makes it easy to secure your fishing rod while in the water.

If you want a sling pack that has this feature, then you want to double-check that it has a rod holder. Most sellers add it to the product description, but you should ask if you can’t find the information on their website.

3. What is the best strap for a fishing sling pack?

The strap material determines if it will be comfortable on the shoulders or not. The best sling packs feature straps that are padded or cushioned with extra layers of material to reduce shoulder tension.

Sling packs with wide straps are better than the ones with a thin strap. They distribute the weight evenly over the shoulders and are easy to put on.

4. Do all fly fishing sling pack come with tackle boxes?

You need to have your tackle boxes on your person with you at all times, which is why you need a sling pack that can contain two tackle boxes. Some of the best brands include a tackle box along with the product, but you can easily find tackle boxes to buy if yours does not feature one.

5. Are sling packs better than waist packs or backpacks?

We love a sling pack that crosses over the body; this gives us the freedom to move around as it doesn’t restrict our movements. It all depends on what you want. If you are comfortable with a backpack or waist pack, then you should settle for that.

Final Recommendations

Fly fishing is one of the best angling methods, and if you want to get the best out of your fishing expeditions, you should have all the necessary gear for a nice outing. While you will need a fishing rod, reel, and lures, you also need a sling pack to keep all your gear in one place.

If you are in the market for a new sling pack, we trust that you will find our selection of the best fly fishing sling packs to be helpful. All the products reviewed are durable and large enough to fit all your fishing essentials.

The Magreel fishing tackle bag is our best pick, as it includes features that set it apart from the rest. The multipurpose design makes it a great outing pack for camping, hiking, traveling, and hunting. You will also find the fishing tackle box included to be useful.