An underwater fishing camera is the best way to locate fish hiding in any water. There is nothing like seeing the fish you are catching, with your own eyes. A camera can help you identify species of fish and give you a specific indication of their behavior.

Many experienced anglers will testify that having your eyes on the fish will increase the chance of your success. When you are trying to hook a beautiful fish, seeing its reaction to your bait can become the difference between returning empty-handed and catching a trophy.

Aside from that, underwater fishing cameras give you an accurate estimation of the weed-line. The camera, assisted by a series of test holes, can map the contours of the weed beds that possibly hold active fish.

Without a doubt, live video is one of the best tools to enhance your angling prowess and become a master angler. However, finding the right device for fishing can be tricky, even if you are an experienced user.

best underwater fishing cameras

In this article, we are going to discuss which fishing camera system is the most suitable for you.  We will give a detailed description of the best underwater fishing cameras you can find on the market.

8 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

We have compiled a list of the best underwater fishing cameras available in the market. These cameras encompass every attribute required in underwater fishing in order to make your job easier.

8) BOBLOV 7 Inch 30m IR Underwater Video Fishing Camera Equipment


  • Waterproof display
  • Easy to use
  • Good-sized screen
  • Excellent resolution

underwater fishing camera. It makes your fishing experience less stressful and more enjoyable. The device has quite a large screen, which helps in getting a comfortable view of the fish and other creatures swimming beneath the water.

The BOBLOV fishing camera equipment also has above par screen resolution that has no problem displaying its output with excellent clarity. As a result, anglers do not have to strain their eyes to see everything the camera is catching, making it easier to focus on your target.

The device lets you switch between White and Black video quality to color display (and vice versa) without any hassle. Besides that, the device is portable, so it is easier to carry, and you won’t be stuck in a single place during the entirety of your trip.


Moreover, the high-quality video case doesn’t get affected by wet surroundings. The reason behind this is that the device has tight seals that prevent water seeping inside. On top of that, it distinctively works in both saltwater and freshwater without suffering damage or corrosion.

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7) MarCum VS485C LCD Underwater Fish Viewing System


  • Cost-effective
  • Clear images
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Strong, durable case

The MarCum VS485C LCD Underwater Fish Viewing System is known for its lightweight system and excellent image quality. You won’t have to spend much effort carrying around this device so that you can focus more on your fishing. The device also has a durable and robust case, which protects it from all external elements.

The MarCum Underwater camera system also has a colorful screen adept for making quick observations. Designed for maximum efficiency and comfort, you’ll have no problem adjusting to the device. Besides that, the device is cost-effective, so it’s easy to replace, which makes it fantastic for beginners.

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6) Eyoyo Color LCD Waterproof Underwater Fishing Video, 15m


  • Resistant to vibration
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Easy to weight and operate

This is yet another excellent underwater fishing camera by Eyoyo. The unit is lightweight and hence, great for portability. Its small size allows it to be used in an array of different scenarios. However, the unit’s small size doesn’t affect its durability in any way, and it can easily withstand small accidental knocks caused by mishandling.

The Eyoyo Color LCD Waterproof Underwater Fishing Video also limits the effect of vibrations on the video quality. It can keep filming high-quality video outputs despite any vibrations surrounding it.

5) Eyoyo Original 1000TVL Professional Underwater Fishing Video Recorder, 50m


  • Smooth operation
  • Good quality and solid construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Nice value for money

If you want an underwater fishing camera that’s adept for both beginners and experienced anglers, then the unit is an automatic choice. The camera is fully functional and comes with a sleek design. It is highly adaptable, and you can use it while fishing in saltwater as well as freshwater.

Also, the device has a large screen display that provides anglers with high-resolution images from underwater. Like other top-quality underwater cameras, it also displays the battery voltage, depth, temperature, target adjust, and other useful operations.

The Eyoyo Original 1000TVL Professional Underwater Fishing Video Recorder also has a rechargeable 4000mah battery. The extended battery enables the camera to function throughout your fishing trip. On the other hand, its long cable allows users to monitor depths of more than 150 feet!

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4) Eyoyo Portable 7 Inch LCD Monitor Underwater And Camera


  • Large LCD display
  • Excellent resolution
  • Clear images
  • Smooth operation

he Eyoyo Portable 7 Inch LCD Monitor Underwater Camera is impressive for both amateurs and professionals. The unit has its own 7 inch LCD monitor, which allows users to have a clear view of the recording the camera is capturing.

The camera device is enclosed in a sturdy case, which helps it to bear accidental falls without a single scratch. The waterproof layer outside the case also keeps out unnecessary moisture and protects the electronic system from malfunctioning.

By using its 50 ft long cable, you can capture sharp and clear images of the river bed and pinpoint where you need to cast the next line. The unit’s battery is long-lasting, and it can also charge reasonably quickly. In the end, small size and lightweight mechanics allow users to carry the device without any hassle.

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3) Marcum LX-9 Digital Underwater Sonar/ Camera System (8-Inch Display)


  • High-resolution
  • Easy to press buttons
  • Good distance
  • Good quality

The MarCum LX-9 Digital Underwater Sonar/ Camera System’s extended range is the distinguishing feature of this unit. The unit has one of the best fish finding ranges in the market and can detect fish over a wide area.

As the name suggests, the camera uses a state-of-the-art sonar system to take clear pictures of what is happening underwater. The sonar system has an excellent flasher resolution, which enables it to take high-resolution images of the fish, your baitfish, or any obstructing vegetation you need to stay away from. Along with its high-resolution display, the device has a large display screen that shows you every moment of the action.

That’s not all; the device has been optimized for efficient use and portability. Its design allows users to handle the device comfortably. Moreover, its array of operational buttons makes it possible to use the device smoothly. The availability of an SD card slot in the device helps users to record video and save images.

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2) Powpro Pow WDC-8011J 3M Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera


  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fit for salty and freshwater


The Powpro Pow WDC-8011J 3M Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera is one of the few underwater digital cameras on this list. The camera is made from heavy-duty material that can resist moisture and has special protection from falls.

Moreover, the camera performs excellently in different temperatures and produces high-quality pictures regardless of how gloomy its surroundings are. The camera can record video in 1280×1080 high-definition resolution while its powerful lens captures images 16MP resolution. The camera can also zoom in as much as 8x the original image and enlarge them without breaking pixels.

Last but not least, the camera also has a powerful rechargeable Lithium battery, which allows the device to keep on running as long as your fishing trip is in progress. In addition to that, the device has an SD card slot which you can utilize to save HD images and video. However, the device is more adept for taking underwater images, while swimming instead of fishing.

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1) Anysun Professional Underwater Fish Finder, 15m Camera Cable with Carrying Case


  • Fast charging battery
  • Strong and durable case
  • Waterproof and portable
  • Good fish finding distance

The Anysun Underwater Professional Fish Finder is another excellent option to monitor your fishing spot. The device has top-grade sensors that allow it to capture clear images. Besides that, it is straightforward and easy to operate, which makes it preferable for beginners.

The Anysun Underwater Professional Fish Finder comes with a resilient case can handle hard knocks without getting a scratch. Moreover, the case’s waterproof surface allows it to protect sensitive internal components from external elements such as dust, water, and moisture. The camera’s extended cable gives it a reach of almost 50 feet.

If that wasn’t enough, the camera features key details about the camera on its display screen. A user can monitor the depth the camera has gone down, the temperature of the water down there, how much battery remains, alongside other essential functions.

The Anysun Underwater Professional Fish Finder is renowned for its practicality. The device provides a decent grip surface, well-placed controls, and a lightweight body for enhanced usability. Moreover, the device is adaptable, and you can use it while operating in both freshwater and saltwater.

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If you have a knack for observing marine life, an underwater fishing camera can make your experience more vivid and enjoyable. Underwater cameras help you capture the scenery underwater and add them to your collection of memories.

Moreover, anyone who loves fishing can leverage an underwater fishing camera to improve their fishing skills. Anglers can use the camera to make timely adjustments to their while monitoring the fish they intend to catch.

Overall, underwater fishing cameras make your underwater experience worthwhile and increase your fun and satisfaction two folds. We hope our guideline helped you choose the best underwater fishing camera for yourself and get the best of this fantastic innovation.


What to Consider While Selecting an Underwater Fishing Camera

An underwater fishing camera has plenty of exclusive features that can benefit you during your fishing trips. Below are the top features you should keep in mind before purchasing an underwater fishing camera system.


Needless to say, the durability of the product is one of the most important features, regardless of what you buy. An experienced angler can always tell you that cold temperatures can take a toll on fishing equipment. The same goes for any camera system you buy for yourself.

At the peak of cold, even the best functioning heaters and ice fishing shelters can fail to do much to protect your fishing gear. Many anglers have to fish in harsh conditions and keep their equipment safe during their trips of fishing.

Whether it is pools of water on ice, plummeting temperatures, or even simple bumps inflicted while carrying gear, anything can damage your system permanently. This is why it’s essential to buy a camera system that can withstand this punishment and function flawlessly.

Cable Length

The length of cable attached to the camera is also another critical concern while buying camera equipment for fishing. Opposed to transducers on a flasher, the camera of an underwater system can only display the view of what’s in front of it.

Therefore, if an angler wants to make perfect use of a camera, s/he needs to suspend it nearly to the bottom of the water mass. There’s no use of a camera if you aren’t able to scan through weed beds and detect fish that live and hunt there. To reach the line of weed in the river bed, you need a long extension of cable along with your camera.

There are many models available that provide you with a length of around 50 ft. If you’re fishing in deep waters, you can also get your hands on models that can go as deep as 100 ft in length!

Screen Resolution and Camera Quality

The screen resolution and quality of an underwater fishing camera are one of its trickiest technical requirements. Users should keep in mind that usually, these camera systems are not known for their high-quality video output or crisp screen resolution. Some people even jokingly suggest that these cameras are nothing more than dressed-up security cameras.

Mostly, underwater fishing cameras use two different metrics for measuring their overall resolution. These metrics are namely TVL (television lines) and the pixel count on the screen.

Pixel count is a measure of resolution widely used for cameras across different industries. The value of this measure represents two matching numbers that describe pixel count in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. These pixels are sometimes described as megapixels. In short, the greater the number of megapixels in an image, the better the resolution of the image will be.

Other times, these numbers also function as ratios between two dimensions of the display screen. They are represented as a ratio such as 1280 x 720 to describe the shape of a certain picture.

In the case that you want a widescreen shot from the camera, you need a camera with a ratio of 16:9. However, if the horizontal dimension of the video is twice the size of its vertical pairing, then the result will be flat. Besides that, the result of the camera will get stored in .AVI file format. The result of such wide-angled cameras is difficult to display on a standard monitor.

In contrast, TVL follows an analog metric of video quality. This metric describes the number of horizontal television lines the video camera can capture. It describes the maximum number of changing dark or light vertical lines; the screen can resolve per picture height.

Therefore, a resolution of around 400 TVL signifies that there are 200 different dark vertical lines alongside 200 distinct white vertical lines. You can count these lines over a horizontal span which extends up to the total height of the picture. In short, the greater the TVL count a video has, the better the image quality it will produce.

However, you should remember that most cables used for connecting the camera to the monitor can’t display beyond 750TVL. So, you should refrain from buying a camera of quality that exceeds 750TVL because that’ll just waste your money.

Camera Viewing Angle

Sometimes, having a front view of your camera is not enough to extract the details you want through your camera. Instead, you need a wide view of the camera and its surroundings to analyze a larger portion of the river bed.

In our analysis, we have found camera models that give you a range of viewing angles between 90 and 110 degrees. Both of these angles give fishers a chance to analyze a wider view of their hunting ground.

Screen Size

The standard screen sizes of most cameras range around seven inches. As you would expect, the screen size of portable cameras is even smaller than cameras that have fixtures.

As a general rule, you should choose camera units that have at least 7-inched screens if you’re thinking about ice-fishing. This will make it easier to fish through the if there is more than one angler involved in the fishing activity.

SD Card/Recording

Some anglers are enthusiastic about recording themselves as they try to catch fish. It gives them the opportunity to reduce oversight and detect any mistakes they are doing unintentionally.  Other times, these anglers just want to show other people how they catch fish or share memories with family and friends.

Therefore, it’s useful to have a camera model that has a separate SD card slot available.  However, you shouldn’t forget that the video footage will be recorded in .AVI file format, which isn’t exactly known for its amazing quality and is also difficult to work with.

Battery Life

Fishing is an activity that demands extreme patience and resilience. Sometimes, an angler might have to wait for hours to catch the fish they are looking for. So obviously, it’s better to have a camera that features a long battery life.

Even if you have an amazing camera, it won’t benefit you much when it only gives a brief window to capture footage. Ideally, you should choose a camera model that enables you to film throughout your entire fishing trip.

As a side note, you should always remember that the current and the denseness of water in a stream cause problems for any underwater fishing camera. For a user, who routinely fishes in murky water, or in rivers and lakes that have high current, underwater fishing cameras are not the best option for him.