As a fly angler, you might always be searching for the best fly rods. Unfortunately, most of the best, high performing fly fishing rods come with a hefty price tag which may place them out of your reach. However, not all rods fall on the higher end of the price spectrum. The Fenwick AETOS is one such fly rod. Is Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod a good option for you? We will answer this question in this comprehensive review of the Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod.

Fit and Finish

For some fly anglers, the aesthetic of the fishing gear is just as important as its performance. The Fenwick AETOS doesn’t boast hand-carved wood inserts that are a trademark of top-end fly rods but it still looks and feels greats. Dark blue coloring of the blanks with hints of gray accents and silver trim looks exceptional. Similar color wrappings are found around the ferrules. Alignment dots at the end of the rod blanks help you line them correctly with the handle for better casting.

When it comes to the guide, all AETOS fly rods feature a standard SiC stripping guide. Along the length of the fly rod, there are several aluminum snake guides; all of them have a gunsmoke finish that enhances the visual appeal of the AETOS Fly Rod. The total number of snake guides varies depending on the rod’s length.

Since the guides on the AETOS Fly Rod are designed with a large diameter, you will experience less friction and greater line stripping speed while the line is moving through the guide.

The handle of this fly rod is cork and comes in a variety of designs. There isn’t any definitive system to rank the quality of the cork but if you have tried a number of different fly rods, you will notice the difference as soon as you grab the AETOS Fly Rod.

Fenwick claims that they have used AAA-grade cork handle on the AETOS. However, we think that they are closer to AA. This doesn’t mean that they don’t handle well. They do provide a comfortable and firm grip but they aren’t the highest grade cork.

The Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod’s reel is black anodized aluminum. The aluminum here may look cheap but it is strong enough to hold up in tough fishing situations. The dual up-locking mechanism of the reel seat is strong and holds the reel securely even when you are landing saltwater species.

Casting with the Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

When casting at various distances, you want tight loops. Tight loops tell you that the fly rod is loading efficiently and is most likely to result in accurate placement. All Fenwick AETOS rods are fast action, which is important when you are casting at a distance because you need to able to quickly pick up excess line and get it back in the water.

Casting ability of different models of the Fenwick AETOS at various distances is exceptional. For very short casts – less than 20 ft – the 3wt and 4wt models work best. These fly rods don’t have any problem placing a fly at a distance that is less than 20 ft. 5wt and 6wt rods aren’t ideal at this range. They can put a fly down but you don’t get the same accuracy with them as the 3wt or 4wt.

The Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod performs well with short casts too – 20ft to 30ft. Although it isn’t as accurate as a medium action rod at this range, it’s really impressive for fast action. The accurate performance of the AETOS Fly Rod at 20 to 30 ft is attributed to its soft tip. Most of the other fast-action rods are stiff which is why they aren’t accurate for shorter distances. The AETOS Fly Rod is able to utilize its soft tip to deliver accuracy at short distances.

When it comes to medium casts – 30 to 50 ft – the AETOS 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, and 8wt show exceptional performance with accurate casts and tight loops. You won’t have to push the fly rod at all – it’ll seem like the AETOS is moving and casting on its own.

The AETOS Fly performs well even in the 50 to 80 ft range. You will start feeling some swing weight if you are using the 5wt or 6wt model but it isn’t anything serious. It is just that the power starts to run out as you get close to the 80 ft range. For casts at these distances, the AETOS 8wt Fly Rod is the ideal option. They offer smooth casting with fantastic presentation and tight loops at higher distances. However, at a distance of 50 to 80 ft, they aren’t as smooth as some of the other high-end rods.

If you are casting at a distance of over 80ft, the 8wt and 9wt fly rods aren’t the best choice. Although they can reach this distance, they won’t allow accurate presentations. For distances of over 80 ft, the 10wt and 11wt are the best choices. They deliver plenty of power for accurate casts at these distances.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a fast-action fly rod that can deliver good accuracy at various casting distances, the Fenwick AETOS is a great option. When it comes to performance and accuracy, there aren’t many fast action fly rods that can compete with this one. So, we can easily recommend it to you. We are certain that you won’t regret your decision if you go for a Fenwick AETOS fly rod.