There are a variety of fishing methods out there, and many people enjoy the jig and worm version. This technique features live bait, and the pole and line are both strong enough to go through grass and other light debris. When it comes to this style, though, you need the right rod.

G Loomis Rods are some of the best on the market. We chose to look at the NRX Jig and Worm Casting Rod to help you get a better idea of what it is and why you need it.

G Loomis Rods

The brand, G Loomis, is owned by Shimano American Corporation, which creates a stable brand for fishing apparel, reels, line, and rods. This brand was established back in 1982 and started manufacturing rod blanks for customized rod building.

Now, however, the company manufactures a variety of fishing rods. Its primary goal is to provide anglers everywhere with the best tools imaginable.

Who Is This Product For?

The G Loomis NRX Jig and Worm Casting Rod is specifically designed for fishing jigs and to be used with soft plastics. Beginners in the fishing world may prefer this type of rod and fishing style because it’s simpler. Primarily, you will use this type of rod to catch bass, though it can be used for other species in a pinch.

What’s Included?

When you order this product, you will get only the rod itself; nothing else is included with your purchase. Therefore, you will also need to buy the other fishing equipment you will need. This can include the fishing line and reel.

It might also be a good idea to buy a protective tube sleeve for it. That way, you don’t risk damaging or breaking the rod during periods of storage.

Overview of the Features


The G Loomis NRX Jig and Worm Casting Rod has been specifically designed for soft plastics and fishing jigs. Therefore, you will find that they are incredibly lightweight and highly sensitive. This is what you need when you’re fishing bass because they tend to be fast and may take the line farther than you imagine.

Of course, strength also plays a part here. You have to ensure that the rod is durable enough not to snap when you’re chasing a big fish! It features a split-grip cork handle for comfort and ergonomics. Your hands won’t slip while you’re trying to catch that fish.

You’ll find that the stripper guides are made of titanium at the start. However, it switches to the ultra-strong and ultra-light RECOIL guide from then on. The feeling is quite different than with other rods, making it ideal for the avid fisherman.

How to Use G Loomis Rods

There are seemingly endless models available from this brand, which can make it a challenge to determine which one you need. For example, the 802C, 803C, and 804C are all six feet, eight inches long. However, the lower the number, the less line weight that’s offered.

The model number you choose will also indicate the lure weight it will hold. For example, the 802C can hold between 1/8 and 3/8 weight, while the 804 can handle between 5/16 and 3/4.

Next, you will need to get some fishing line. It’s ideal to use a braided one that’s 50 or more pounds to help avoid breakage. Plus, a heavy line doesn’t stretch, which allows you to pull in the fish efficiently.

You’ll also have to buy the jigs. It’s ideal to work with realistic ones, such as those that look like the prey of what you hope to catch. Jigs come in many shapes, colors, and sizes; it might be best to buy an assortment kit to experiment.

Setting Up Your Rod

Once you’ve got all the equipment you’ll need, it’s time to set everything up. Hold the rod with the casting hand toward the base (near the reel). Make sure there is about 12 inches of line between the tip of the rod and bait hook.

You may have to attach a reel if your rod doesn’t come with one. In most cases, you can choose any that you like or have lying around. Then, you will have to wind the line onto the reel and through all of the guides.

Using the Jig Effectively

Grab your line with the index finger to hold it taut. Ensure that nothing is behind you that the line could catch, such as a tree. Aim your line toward the spot that you’d like to fish.

Now, you will pull the rod backward while holding the line with the index finger. As you cast outward to the area where you’d like to fish, remove the finger from your line so that it will fly out where you want it to go.

Once you’ve cast the line correctly, you need to wait a few seconds so that the jig hook reaches the bottom of the water. Lighter hooks take longer to sink, so take your time and don’t rush.

When the hook is at the bottom, it’s time to snap and pop your line. Make vertical motions with the rod when you flick your wrist. Then, let the hook go back to the bottom, repeating this process to get the attention of the fish.


It’s important to find the appropriate equipment for the hobby you love. While the G Loomis brand is elite and high-end, we wanted to offer an alternative that was a little less expensive. The Fiblink Saltwater Jig Spinning Rod isn’t quite the same, but it does get the job done.


Primarily, this product is designed for vertical jigging, but it can also be used for other techniques. However, the one drawback is that this rod only comes in a six-foot length. Therefore, tall people might find it a challenge to use effectively.


Now that you understand when to use jig and worm rods, it’s important that you pick the right product. This is one of the most important things you’ll need for your fishing adventure.

We think that rods from G Loomis are the best because they’re sturdy and come in a variety of sizes. However, with that said, we understand that some people can’t afford to spend much on their hobby. That’s why we included an alternative that might be in your price range.