The tackle box is an essential piece of equipment for any experienced angler.

It is the perfect place to store hooks, lures, bits, and bobs without worrying about them becoming lost or disorganized in the clutter of your home or garden shed.

Still, not all tackle boxes are the same. 

If you spend the majority of your time on the water and want a box that can withstand your vigorous hobby and rigorous lifestyle, then look no further than the Lakewood Musky Monster Tackle Box.

Lakewood Musky Monster Tackle Box

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The Lakewood Musky Monster Tackle Box was released almost 15 years ago and has been updated several times to better accommodate the needs of fishermen and women.

At its core, this tackle box is designed to be the only unit an angler will ever need for transporting his bait collection when on the water.

It also serves as an excellent filing and storage system, thanks to the fact that it has more than 50 separate pockets and the ability to store at least 100 separate lures.

Who Is This Product For?

This Lakewood tackle box is for the experienced angler or a dedicated collector who tries their hand at different types of fishing and has amassed a wealth of hooks, lures, and types of bait.

The box is also meant for someone who enjoys having their possessions organized and would like to be able to take their tackle box out on the water without worrying about losing their collection.

After all, the Musky Monster is a floating tackle box capable of serving a fall overboard.

It can even be set down on the water if you are the type of angler who likes to wade and then cast.

What’s Included?

When you buy the Musky Monster, you naturally get the entire tackle box, which consists of five removable and adjustable soft dividers.

There are additionally four solid hanging lure dividers to better organize equipment.

You can even increase your collection because the Musky Monster comes with two bucktail rails and a bait retrieval hook.

Besides these, you will be required to supply any other organizational equipment you want to use.

Overview of the Features

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One of the main reasons why anglers enjoy this Lakewood tackle box is the sheer number of features included.

As mentioned earlier, the tackle box features five removable and adjustable soft dividers as well as four solid hanging lure dividers.

Some other organizational tools include enough space to hold 100 musky and pike lures, two large zippered pockets along the sides of the box, and four front ballistic tool storage pockets.

There is also a large rear zippered pocket for extra storage space that is big enough to hold a 3700 style Plano Stowaway storage box.

Another excellent feature is the fact that the Musky Monster is made of waterproof material and can float even when fully stocked and loaded.

With this, you never have to worry about your equipment sinking to the bottom of the river if it falls overboard.

The exterior is surrounded by heavy-duty webbing, which was carefully sewn around the case to better protect it from the elements.

The full dimensions of the Musky Monster are 24.5” L x 12.5” W x 15.5” H, and it weighs roughly 10 pounds when empty. 

The top is accessed via a zipper, and the entire interior is also made from waterproof material to avoid rot and mold.

So, what are the downsides?

One of the most notable is the expense of the tackle box. It is more expensive than normal and can make a serious dent in the budget of a thrifty angler.

Another is its pocket-style organizational system, which is more suitable for dumping the lures rather than securely placing them.

If you are not careful, it will be easy to mix up your tackle from upending the box.


  • Large 
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Holds over 100 lures
  • Excellent storage space
  • Floats


  • Expensive
  • Uses a pocket system

How to Get the Most out of This Tackle Box

Keeping a tidy tackle box is necessary for any angler because it reduces the chances of you losing your favorite lures or spending all afternoon untangling your bits and bobs. 

Being neat and tidy also simplifies the process of finding the equipment you need when out on the water so that you don’t wind up losing that massive fish you have been eyeing all day.

To keep a neat tackle box, follow the simple suggestions below.

  • Group tackle meant for the same species together.
  • Organize lures based on their function and not appearance.
  • Invest in clear boxes to store in the pockets of the box to keep hooks and small lures together.
  • Keep soft baits in plastic bags because the chemicals in soft bait can affect the paint used on jigs.
  • Take advantage of the bag dividers.
  • Use labels.
  • Remember to dry out your wet gear so that it doesn’t rust.


If you would like a soft, waterproof tackle box that is more affordable and features a more traditional design, a good choice would be the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag.

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This tackle box features just as many zippered pockets but fewer divisions inside to create more space for plastic boxes and containers.

It even comes with a convenient strap so that you can carry the bag on your shoulder instead of your hands.

However, one downside is that the Ugly Stik Fishing Bag does not float like the Lakewood Musky Monster box. It is also heavier.


Overall, the Lakewood Musky Monster Tackle Box is one of the best options on the market because of its versatility, flexibility, and durability.

The soft, waterproof design makes the box excellent for convenient storage, and the interior is well-organized and great if you have a large collection of tackle.

Plus, this is one of the only tackle boxes guaranteed to float. As such, you never have to worry about losing your tackle collection if the box falls overboard during a strenuous angling session.

With this on hand, all you need is a comfy pair of pants, and you can go and spend all weekend fishing and enjoying your new organization system.