The Lowrance Hook 3x gives you optimal visibility when you’re out on the ocean searching for fish. Instead of venturing into areas without any indication of whether it’s filled with fish or not, this sonar is highly recommended. With a variety of interesting features which are user-friendly and ideal for deep-sea fishing, it’s a great product to have installed.

Lowrance Hook 3x Sonar

As with any sonar, this Lowrance Hook model is designed to give you detailed information about fish in your surrounding area. With the down-scan imaging, you can see everything underneath your boat, allowing you to protect your boat from damage and to get an idea of marine life in the area. Upon your first use, you can tell clearly that this has been designed for any fisher to use, even if you’ve never had experience with sonar before.

Who Is This Sonar Meant For?

You can likely tell that this sonar is mostly meant for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts who need to know the area they’re navigating through and want to keep track of the species of fish in specific quadrants. You’ll also have updated information about the incoming marine life that you might be interested in catching.

There are a few notable user-friendly features, including quick keys which allow you to access the zoom feature so that you can focus on key areas and the quick buttons which let you change between sonar frequencies. It’s also highly recommended for daytime and nighttime fishing trips, making it highly adaptable to your every need.

What’s Included?

The basic items you need for hardwiring the sonar to the ignition of your boat are included with the sonar. However, if you want to attach it to your battery, you’ll need to buy alligator clips and attach them yourself. In addition to the sonar, you’ll also receive a swivel bracket which is easy to adjust to your liking.

Overview of Features

This Lowrance Sonar offers the following:

  • LED Backlit Display: Viewing your sonar in bright conditions is simpler with an LED-backlit display. On this sonar, it is also full color with a 320×240 resolution, so you can have a reasonable amount of detail to see any fish in your area. The size of the screen is also convenient for wide viewing angles.
  • Dual Frequency: You can toggle between 455 and 800 kHz frequencies with the down-scan imaging. It will provide you with underwater detail of fish or the holding structure you are using to capture the fish. To switch between the frequencies, all you have to do is use the user-friendly “pages” button.
  • Bottom Tracking: According to the manufacturer, their down-scan imaging is patented and allows you to track the bottom even when moving up to 55 miles per hour.
  • Dedicated Quick Keys: The quick keys on the main hub allow you to optimize the zoom on the sonar. You can zoom up to four times compared to the standard view. In addition, there is a focusing feature for you to zero in on specific fishing areas.
  • Backlight Control: The power button you would typically use to turn the sonar on and off also works as a backlight control. This makes it easier to have the perfect brightness if you’re using the device at night or in the middle of the afternoon in sunny conditions.
  • Adjustable Bracket: The bracket where the viewing screen sits on is fully customizable, which makes it ideal for mounting anywhere on your boat. You can adjust the viewing angle as well as tilt and swivel the display depending on where you are. In addition, it features a quick-release button so that you can disconnect the monitor from the bracket easily.


  • Ideal for kayaks and small boats
  • Analyzes water temperature
  • Easy to install with instructions
  • Provides relatively clear images
  • Fish are marked well


  • Depth finder has glitches
  • Doesn’t maintain depth readings
  • Easily affected by interference
  • May not arrive with instructions

How to Use It

Using the Lowrance Hook Sonar is simple, especially since there are numerous menus for you to browse through in order to get the information you need. Once it is installed, you will want to press the “Menu” button which will open the sonar menu. From this page, you can select what setting you’d like to access, such as sensitivity, range, frequency, noise rejection, ping speed, color line, and fish ID.

You will want to adjust the level of sensitivity depending on the amount of detail you want to be shown on the display. Higher sensitivity levels may clutter the screen whereas a setting that is too low will not display all echoes. Ideally, opting for the “Auto” setting is your best bet, as it works best under the majority of conditions.

The next step is to determine whether you would like to use the “Fish ID” setting or not. With fish ID enabled, any fish echoes will be displayed as specific symbols instead of arches. It is also highly recommended you adjust the frequency, as this will help to show you less or more detail.

Once you have customized all of your settings, including the depth at which you’d like the sonar to read, your display will begin relaying information automatically once it is powered on.


A popular alternative to the Lowrance Hook sonar is the Garmin Striker 4, which is also far less expensive. Some of the most notable differences between the two include:

  • CLEARVU Scanning: A patented technology in Garmin Sonar Equipment is CLEARVU Scanning, which allows you to receive photographic images with high details of fish, structures, and surrounding objects.
  • Multiple Display Sizes: You can choose from 3.5 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches displays.
  • Waypoint Map: To keep track of specific locations, such as stumps and docks, you can use the waypoint map to navigate through unknown territories.
  • Sonar Chirp: The Chirp technology creates crisper arches and makes it easier to see a noticeable separation of your targets.


The Lowrance Hook 3x Sonar is a convenient fish finder to have installed on your boat, especially if it has a smaller hull. With a full-color display and dual frequencies, you can see fish and structures with higher attention to detail. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to install and adjust.