Sage rods are a relatively versatile option for the everyday angler, especially if you want a rod that is good for all-around tasks. It’s slightly fast but not as quick as some other rods, which makes it best for beginner to intermediate anglers.

You’ll love pairing it with five weight lines, as it emphasizes the rod’s performance, smoothness, and capabilities.

As a fantastic option for an all-purpose fly fishing rod, there are plenty of interesting and exciting features of the Sage Pulse to consider. Many of their features are quite similar to the best Echo fly rods.

Sage Pulse Fly Fishing Rod

Sage fishing rods are very well known, and for a good reason. More than anything else, they are well-tested under numerous conditions. The Pulse, in particular, has been used in different waters around the world, making it one of the better fast-action rods on the market.

If you’re searching for fast action performance with a more connected feeling, the Sage Pulse is the perfect handcrafted rod to choose. It not only captures the speed and accuracy that you would expect from a fly fishing rod, but it also looks fantastic.

With improved durability and resilience, the heightened technology in this model is something to make a note of. All of the custom finishes help to make it one of the most beautiful pieces you’ll own.

Who Is This Fly Fishing Rod Meant For?

Accuracy seems to be the most significant feature to consider with this rod, primarily if you’ve used other Sage fishing rods before. The Pulse has an updated skill that is soft enough at 30 feet but truly excels at mid to long ranges.

Overall, you’re going to see the best performance at 45 feet with a solid cast at up to 60 feet, as well.
Anglers searching for a rod with progressive action will also appreciate this model, as it features a firm butt section, which is ideal for trout. You’ll find that it has a medium to fast action that is quite forgiving, especially for beginners. It’s the perfect choice for anglers who like to fish in numerous types of water.

What’s Included?

When you order the rod, you won’t be receiving any extra components, which means that you’ll be responsible for providing your own rod tubes.

Some of the other Sage models feature rod tubes, which is a slight disadvantage to this particular model. All in all, you’ll receive the rod and no other extras.

Overview of the Features

Each Sage Pulse rod is entirely handcrafted in Bainbridge Island, which makes it have a more artisan feel compared to mass-manufactured pieces. All of the components are custom designed so that each rod is unique and has beautiful cosmetic details you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Pronounced Swing Weight

Compared to other fly fishing rods, you’ll find that the Pulse is a little heftier, which may make it slightly clunky to use. However, it’s the perfect alternative to a very lightweight rod.
With this, you’ll appreciate how you have more control over your casts without as much fatigue as with more massive rods.

  • Long-Distance Accuracy

As earlier mentioned, this fly fishing rod is impeccable for distance fishing, especially if you’re trying to cast between 45 and 60 feet. Although you’ll still appreciate its softness at 30 feet, it truly excels at farther distances.

  • Progressive Action

With the medium to fast progressive action on the rod, every angler will love the amount of feedback it provides. Thanks to the softness in the tip and the firm butt section, it appears to be a very balanced rod that you can use in all types of water.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Just like any other Sage rod, when you purchase this model, you will also receive a lifetime warranty. This feature is ideal for anglers who love having coverage in the event of manufacturer’s defects. The warranty also helps to make your purchase well worth the investment.

  • Multi-Purpose

You can guarantee that this rod can handle absolutely anything you throw at it, whether it’s Spey, switch, or single-hand angling. You’ll also love that it is highly adaptable in both saltwater and freshwater, making it perfect for any application.


  • Opening the loops is simple
  • Readily available power
  • Very connected feel
  • Medium to fast action
  • Unique length and weight
  • Comfortable taper design


  • Questionable guide wrap gaps
  • Lacking short-distance performance

How to Get the Most Out of It

The full versatility of the Sage Pulse is what makes it so easy to use, especially if you’re just getting into fly fishing. It’s quite adaptable in saltwater and freshwater, particularly at distances above 45 feet.
Though it’s best for catching trout, this fast action rod can also handle numerous other types of fish.

We also recommend using a lighter line for a smoother cast, especially if you’re casting at longer distances. This process is something to consider with a few of the other best fly fishing rods on the market, as well.


One of our favorite alternatives to the Sage Pulse is the Moonshine Rod Co. Drifter Series. Some of the most notable benefits of this rod include:

  • Graphite Body

With the addition of the graphite body, the Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod is perfect for medium-action and high performance. Its durability and resilience are similar, if not slightly better, than the Pulse.

  • Accessories

When you purchase this rod, you’ll receive four-rod pieces, as well as an extra tip section. Every order also gets a hard canvas case for safe storage.

  • Added Features

With the addition of the AAA cork grips, you’ll always have maximum control over the rod. We also love the spalted burl reel seats that look fantastic against the copper anodized hardware. Every little aesthetic touch to this rod also helps to improve its performance.

  • Lifetime Warranty

Similar to the Sage Pulse, the Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod is equipped with a lifetime warranty. You can guarantee your investment will be protected, even in situations where you might be found at-fault for damage.

Sage Rods: Verdict

Uncompromising comfort and quality are two things to think about when it comes to Sage rods, especially the Pulse. With a highly versatile design that is adaptable to numerous conditions and angling styles, it will become one of your most-used tools. You’ll love how responsive it is and the amount of feedback you’ll receive for the best possible fishing experience.