Highly recommended for trout, the Winston fly rods are crafted with impeccable attention to detail. If you’re daydreaming of slow-moving surface currents filled with spring creek rainbows just below the surface, these rods are for you.

With an incredible all-inclusive package, everything you need for your next fly fishing expedition is included in the package.

Winston Pure 376 Rod Outfit

The central premise behind the Winston Pure 376 Rod Outfit is to give anglers a rod that is lightweight but still maximizes in quick recovery. You’ll love its dry fly presentation and its ability to adapt to the best fly fishing line speeds, depending on the conditions you’re fishing in.

With moderate progressive action, it’s perfect for dry fly fishing and light nymph fishing. Each of the rods you purchase is handcrafted in the United States, Twin Bridges, MT, to be exact.

When you hold the rod for the first time, you’ll indeed be able to appreciate its craftsmanship as it boasts a beautiful maple insert with nickel silver accents. Not only does it work well for its applications, but it also looks fantastic in your hands.

Who Is This Fly Rod Meant For?

As mentioned, you’re going to get the most out of the Winston Pure 376 Rod Outfit if you’re someone who likes dry fly fishing or very lightweight fly fishing. Upon its arrival, you’ll also be glad to see that they’re already professionally loaded and ready to fish. The only thing you will have to do is tie on your desired fly.

For anglers who love rods that feel like they have a personality of their own, this is one of the best light options to choose from.

A few other noticeable advantages of the build quality of these rods is that they are buttery smooth and have higher responsiveness than others on the market. This point is even valid when compared to older-model Winston rods, as the Pure line has the best casting range for the farthest impact possible.

What’s Included?

Unlike other fly fishing rods, you’ll be getting much more than just the rod when you order this package. Everything that you need to get out on the water will be shipped, along with the rod, so that it’s ready to use right out of the box.
Everything you’ll receive includes:

  • Winston Pure Fly Rod
  • Ross Reels LTX 3/4 Fly Reel
  • Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Floating Line
  • Dacron Backing
  • Tapered Leader
  • Aluminum Rod Tube
  • Aluminum Rod Sock

Overview of the Features

With a drag system much stronger than the original version, this lightweight rod is one of the higher-end models for trout fishing. It has won numerous awards and features an incredibly smooth drag system perfect for trout, redfish, bonefish, and snook.

What’s more, because of the added touch of the AST Plus slickness additive, this smooth floating line is perfect for precision with your dry flies. Many anglers find that it’s one of the best performing fly lines with nearly eight times the durability of regular lines.

  • Boron III Technology

By far, the most exciting feature of the Winston Pure Fly Rod is that it has Boron III Technology. This offers improved recovery with a moderate action, which is essential for delicate dry fly presentations. You’ll also appreciate how it allows more open loops so that you can have a faster line speed.

  • Chrome Features

For added resilience, your fishing rod should be able to withstand all weather conditions. This rod features chrome snake shooting guides as well as chrome nano-lite stripping guides. You’ll love its durability, resilience, and accuracy.

  • Aesthetic Features

Everyone wants to invest in a rod they can be proud to show to friends and family. This is why we love the Winston Pure line; it focuses on the simple basics that work so well together. With the world burled insert and nickel silver reel seat, you’ll feel like you’re holding a luxurious fly fishing rod.

  • Winston Progressive Action

The progressive action of the rod seems to be one of its most significant selling points. It’s highly responsive, quick, and lifelike. Compared to other fly fishing rods, you’ll be able to control every movement while the rod still feels alive in your hands.

  • Easy Storage

Once you’re finished fishing for the day or season, you’ll love how easy it is to store away. As it comes equipped with a graphite rod tube and rod sock, you can simply save the rod safely out of the elements for next season. There are only four sections on the rod to disassemble.

  • Improved Rod Connection

One of the features that were improved with this rod was its overall slimness and sleek appeal. The slim profile of the Pure series gives you an excellent grip with better configurations for your guides so that you can have a more customized angling experience.


  • Impeccable accuracy
  • Great for distance angling
  • Very lightweight swing
  • Perfect for trout fishing


  • Not ideal within 30 feet
  • Trying to use in wind

How to Get the Most Out of It

Once you get your hands on your new rod for the first time, you’ll want to know what conditions it will perform the best in.

You might be surprised to learn the Pure line is good at 30 feet, but it’s spectacular for getting trout at 45 feet and beyond. Somehow, the rod can generate even better speeds at longer distances with an impeccable feeling.


A fantastic alternative to the Winston Pure 376 Rod Outfit is the Orvis Clearwater 905-4 Fly Rod Outfit. Not only is it far more affordable than the Winston Pure line, but it is also quite versatile for beginners.
A few of the most notable features of this item include:

  • Elevated Performance

After your first use, you’ll notice how perfectly balanced this rod is, with its lighter weight and improved disc drag system. It’s ideal for fly fishing on the go and an excellent choice for beginners.

  • Secure Storage

Keeping your rod contained is even more straightforward with the Orvis model, as it ships with a divided rod tube to keep all parts sufficiently protected.

  • All-Experience Levels

Everyone will get a kick out of the Clearwater 905-4, as it is designed for anglers of every skill level. You’ll especially appreciate its smooth and clean casting performance.

Winston Fly Rods: Verdict

Overall, Winston fly rods are something to keep an eye out for as they balance luxury with functionality in the perfect way. With smooth casting at long distances, impeccably fast response, and a livelier feel than with other rods, it’s a great choice. Not to mention, it will also be one of the most lightweight rods you’ve ever gotten your hands on.